oum says "oldies" is derogatory word and i should say R'n'B or doo wop

Oum says it's my turn to post. I just want to say I love winter break. Both my sis and I are students still so we just hang out and listen to records all day. My sister is in one of her bi-annual oldies phase. She asked me to post these tracks from the Vocaleers. One of many great vocal groups in New York during the 50's the Vocaleers recorded a little more than a handful of singles during their time. Oum said she picked these songs to show the group's transformation, each of these have a different lead and according to Oum a progressively more commercial sound but we're no scholars on this so to all the experts: sorry if we get it wrong. "Be True" (1953) has original lead Joe Duncan who is clearly the most interesting lead vocal (out of these three). With his almost slurred words and heavy mouthy delivery, Duncan singing feels uninhibited but also very careful. The vocal arrangement here is great too with that jazzish falsetto second lead do runs behind the lead. "I Need Your Love So Bad" (1959) has original Vocaleer Herman Dunham doing a more standard smooth soulful lead. "Here My Plea" (1960) sounds like oldies radio, we don't know who is singing lead on this or if this was a effort for more sales or what. "Here My Plea" still manages to be an enjoyable song but doesn't really touch the magic on "Be True" and their other early tracks.

The Vocaleers- Be True
The Vocaleers- I Need Your Love So Bad
The Vocaleers- Here My Plea

My pick for today is Murderbot. Jungle music is far too often a self contained genre, which is why Murderbot's pop-heavy take on it is so fun. And I don't mean that in a belittling way, Murderbot is schooled in pop music and can skillfully insert would-be gimmicky pop music samples among frantic jungle beats in a way that is more bold than just a clever mash up move.
Go to his download page and check out the DeBarge chorus in "Purple Skunk", I was grinning pretty hard when I first heard that. Also his critically acclaimed Amerie "1 thing" remix (Dead Homies 001) is a must hear. Oh yeah and here is his Dead Homies label page, which has new Jacky Murda single due in Feb. available to hear.

These links come from his discography page which you should check for more Murderbot.

Murderbot vs. Americ- 1 thing
Murderbot- Purple Skunk

image by skwak from illustrationmundo


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