Winter's love

Laundry Room:
Mmm... here's a little playlist for the cold winter days featuring ice queens like emilie simon, mum and Bjork, of course. I'm sorry but I wont be posting any christmas carols on the motel, if you're feeling all jolly, Gorilla versus bear posted a month ago a holiday mixtape with songs by Sufjan Stevens, Feist, Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie... some really good selections (check out Feist) and a bit different from the usual xmas crap we get to hear every year.

Emilie Simon - to the dancers on the ice
Dragibus - Cam camini
Bjork - aurora
Mum - green grass of tunnel
Animal Collective - winter's love

The image was created by friend (am I allowed to call him friend?) punio.


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