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I all the time see mp3 posts talking about the soul jazz new york noise comps but where is the love for Big Apple Rappin': The Early Days Of Hip-Hop Culture In New York City 1979-1982? holy hell if this isn't the hottest thing you've ever heard then i hate you. Christ almighty! Big apple rappin' documents the birth of a genre! don't you wish you were in NYC back then? i don't know what to say listen to this! damn!

exciting music! long-winded? pssh! you're long winded!

rappers of modern times,
everyone on big apple rappin' owns your boring selfs. damn.

those who like boring music check crish's post which i'm including BELOW. this blog is crazy fast paced- better keep up. new people! hey!

Brother D & The Collective Effort-How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise?

Xanadu-Sure Shot

Songs of Green Pheasant
... Alot of people are going to hear this and just hear another low fi pysch folk record. But whether or not it's a product of trend it's quality pysch folk that is a welcome addition to the new crop of artists excelling with this format. This guy has a sincere earnest edge that isn't present in some of the hipper acts, even recalls nick drake with some of these guitar parts. Promo legend has it that the guy behind this, Duncan Sumpner, sent Fat Cat these demos in 2002. But because of his wandering "go where the wind and songs take me" travel habits dual with hermit style reclusiveness it took Fat Cat 3 years of desperate searching to actually find him and beg him to come into the studio. He replied "No, Fat Cat. Thank you but a studio is not necessary, just give me a 4 track and a kitchen and I will do just fine." Whoa, man...heavy.
not as good as marissa nadler but worth checking out.

Songs of Green Pheasant-Knulp

Songs of Green Pheasant- Until...

image is by Sean Star Wars !


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