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Hey all! Crish showed me this video of Adachi Tomomi digitally affecting voice while wearing his infrared sensor shirt. So I decided to do a post on his Royal Chorus record, Yo (2003). An acapella group from Tokyo, not acapella! "experimental vocal"...jeez. Even though this experimental music it is Not Boring. The biggest appeal for me is how light and playful it is. The purposeful push and pull with the listener keeps it engaging (fun!). The tracks i picked to share are the outrageously energetic "Yumiko" which is the album opener (the crazy run at like 35 sec in kills me, what does that sound like? a witch dolphin or something?) oh and the more thoughtful "Garden Balsam" and "Kan No Mi Ho" which sounds like an exercise or study in vocal composition. I love those kinds of things.
Also while we're talking about this kind of thing i thought i might post a couple of tracks from Furious Pig, one of my faves. They were an 80's group and I've always kind of thought of them as arty white kids riffing on what they heard in world chants and stuff. The epic "The King Mother" is a must hear. To my ears Furious Pig mainly draw off the rhythmic madness and energy in Kecak chants from Bali. Hey, I hope you don't mind if i post some of those too.

oh and these are savefile files, let me know if you have problems, this my first time using. oh and if you dig the Adachi stuff check out his UBU page (this website is COOL). oh and who can teach us how to speak spanish : ).

Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus- Yumiko

Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus- Garden Balsam
Adachi Tomomi Royal Chorus- Kan No Mi Ho
Furious Pig- I Don't Like Your Face
Furious Pig- The King Mother
Bali - Ketchak (Monkey) Dance- from Music of Indonesia, vol. 1 (smithsonian folkways but not the vol. 1 of the huge series this is pre that)
Kecak(Chanting)-South Bali, 1941- Music For The Gods: The Fahnestock South Sea Expedition: Indonesia (Rykodisc)

i hope you enjoy,

The image is a Roger Shimomura print


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