Beats, Bobs, grooves and what not´s!

Ok... so I´ve got the uploading fever... let´s just say I´m slightly bored and have come across with a couple of songs that got me dancing and shakin´ everything that was shakable!

But first, a VERY quick and VERY brief review of the bands.

Aksak Maboul: Belgium. Avant rock/jazz band. 2 albums 1977 and 1980.
Them Sheperds: Raw synths, fat beats and grinding rythms.
Dark Comedy: Beatsy, thick bassline house extravaganza. Booty-shaking friendly!
Farben: Pure Beats 'n' Bobs
Erlend Oye: Disco beats to get down and shimmy shimmy!
Cut Chemist: Hippity-Hoppetty Dance Galore!
Kudu: Kinda reminds me of Peaches with pure synths and raw female vocals.

And now for your enjoyment and entertainment... the songs!
Please help yourself and please come back for seconds, compliments of the Motel.

Aksak Maboul - The Mooche
Them Sheperds - Perro Diablo
Dark Comedy - Baby Blues
Farben - FF
Erlend Oye/Jolly Music - Radio Jolly/prego amore
Cut Chemist - What's the Altitude
Kudu - Magic Touch

Thank you for the tip on the image!
Urban Art by: Bansky


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