Ok... so I actually really thought that this week would be hell, but it's actually starting off ACE!

We're running this big design project at school, we've got to design this "Interpretation Center" on an archeological site in a small town about an hour away from Guadalajara, so today, a couple of very good friends (one of them oh so very handsome I might add *giggle*) and I went to see this archeological site. To be honest, the place was FAR from mind-blowing, I was expecting a bit more, because they kept calling it "the most important archeological site on the western side of the of the country"... to be blunt, it was boring and hot as hell! I hate the sun! and the heat!
But anyway... fun part was that we got extremely lost, talked about junk food, music, movies, cartoons and bought some really good ice-cream.

So right now, I'm really in the mood for something fun and up-beat that goes with my bubbly good mood so a bit of synth/rock is the way to go at this precise moment in time. Let me share with you all my present love for life.

Safety Scissors - I am the cheese
Call Me Pouppe- Western Shanghai
Poni Hoax- She's on the Radio
Bolz Bolz- Take a Walk
Jimmy Edgar- My Beatz
Mr. Velcro Fastener- The Trooper
Matthew Friedberg- The Pennsylvania Rock Co. Resignation Letter

Image is a Lotus Over Water photo


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