"A sound is never just a sound to Matthew Herbert, and a piece of music is never just a piece of music-- it's an act of protest."

Matthew Herbert's sound is really difficult to classify... I like to call it genius, innovative and creative as hell! Herbert is an expert with capturing normal, organic everyday sounds and mixing them into a new and totally inrecognizable source of music.

In his new album Scales, Herbert definetly pushes the envelope with his legendary beats and bobs that wrap you up in synthy delight!

So here I present to you the tracklist with a little sample of this wonderful album.

01 Something Isn't Right
02 The Movers and Shakers
03 Moving Like a Train
04 Harmonise
05 We're in Love
06 Birds of a Feather
07 Those Feelings
08 Down
09 Movie Star
10 Just Once
11 Wrong

NOTE: The files were uploaded into Yousendit... I'm sorry for this but ezarchive was being a biatch and I just couldn't wait to upload these songs! I'll re-post the songs into ezarchive once it stops being so moody...


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