oum says "oldies" is derogatory word and i should say R'n'B or doo wop

Oum says it's my turn to post. I just want to say I love winter break. Both my sis and I are students still so we just hang out and listen to records all day. My sister is in one of her bi-annual oldies phase. She asked me to post these tracks from the Vocaleers. One of many great vocal groups in New York during the 50's the Vocaleers recorded a little more than a handful of singles during their time. Oum said she picked these songs to show the group's transformation, each of these have a different lead and according to Oum a progressively more commercial sound but we're no scholars on this so to all the experts: sorry if we get it wrong. "Be True" (1953) has original lead Joe Duncan who is clearly the most interesting lead vocal (out of these three). With his almost slurred words and heavy mouthy delivery, Duncan singing feels uninhibited but also very careful. The vocal arrangement here is great too with that jazzish falsetto second lead do runs behind the lead. "I Need Your Love So Bad" (1959) has original Vocaleer Herman Dunham doing a more standard smooth soulful lead. "Here My Plea" (1960) sounds like oldies radio, we don't know who is singing lead on this or if this was a effort for more sales or what. "Here My Plea" still manages to be an enjoyable song but doesn't really touch the magic on "Be True" and their other early tracks.

The Vocaleers- Be True
The Vocaleers- I Need Your Love So Bad
The Vocaleers- Here My Plea

My pick for today is Murderbot. Jungle music is far too often a self contained genre, which is why Murderbot's pop-heavy take on it is so fun. And I don't mean that in a belittling way, Murderbot is schooled in pop music and can skillfully insert would-be gimmicky pop music samples among frantic jungle beats in a way that is more bold than just a clever mash up move.
Go to his download page and check out the DeBarge chorus in "Purple Skunk", I was grinning pretty hard when I first heard that. Also his critically acclaimed Amerie "1 thing" remix (Dead Homies 001) is a must hear. Oh yeah and here is his Dead Homies label page, which has new Jacky Murda single due in Feb. available to hear.

These links come from his discography page which you should check for more Murderbot.

Murderbot vs. Americ- 1 thing
Murderbot- Purple Skunk

image by skwak from illustrationmundo


Black & Pink music

I hope I will dance some of those songs on New Year's Eve; mmm... "black & pink party" ;)

*in english
Madonna - Material Girl
Cher- Walking in Memphis
Jimmi Somerville - Don't leave this way
ABBA - Take a chance on me
Sin with Sebastian - Shut up
Culture Club - Karma Chameleon
Counting Crows - Mr. Jones
Gnarls Barkley -Crazy

*in spanish
Camen de Mairena - Yo soy esa
Raffaella Carrá - Caliente, caliente
Mecano - Me cole en una fiesta

The image is a Kahlo's self-portrait :D


The year of the dog

The mp3 blogs root heavily themselves on hyperbole, you may have noticed the way thousands of mp3 blogs had Sufjan Stevens on their year end lists and he was easily the most overhyped artist of 2005, but you have to admit it, this boy has talent.
Sufjan's sound has clearly been more influenced by people like Steve Reich rather than by folk heroes like Nick Drake or John Fahey (although he did covered a song by Fahey on a tribute record called "I am the resurrection") and I feel he owes much of his success to this influence that gives his folkie music a certain worldly quality to his sound.
Back in 2002 Sufjan released a completely electronical album based on the chinese horoscope entitled "enjoy your rabbit" on which you can hear clearly the Reich influence I was writing about. Year of the dog features some sort of vocals by Stevens (he rarely sings on this one) on top of some watery electronics, it's actually one of my favorite tracks on the release (along with "year of the ox").
I'm sorry for succumbing to the hyperbole (cause I'm sure you'll see this certain song on many mp3 blogs by the end of the year). I'll see you back on January 2nd. Have fun.

Sufjan Stevens - year of the dog

Image: "the master bedroom" by Andrew Wyeth.

Psicodiscographic Questionnaire - The Refreshmints Band

(I bloody hate bloody blogger today!!!) (This post has been re-edited ad nauseum because... well, I dont have a "because", blogger has been failing me a lot and I already posted this but somehow spam got into the post, I just hope everything's fine with the layout the time I'm away...*sigh, here we go again...)

The Refreshmints Band are a mexican band from Coapa city which create some sort of electronical infused psychedelic indie rock... and to be honest I'm still having a hard time trying to describe their sound. You'll see it's really unique and it's easy to recognize you're hearing a song from them (which is really good and odd these days) but still there's so much genres involved that you just can't categorize them. "Hytomi" for example starts hinting the mexican rock legends "la barranca" but immediatly electronics start to take over and even further they even throws some spanish guitar solo. "Out of control" on the other hand starts as a piano driven brit-pop ballad but then turns into an indie rock stomper (that reminds me of placebo at some points) before the track gets eaten by the afformentioned electronic-psychedelic sound. Good thing is although they sing in english they portrait perfectly the everyday sounds of living in the beautiful mess that Mexico city is.
They were originally named "the refreshments" but got contacted by the lawyers of the same-name band (which apparently they didn't knew existed) and they had to change their name to "the refreshmints band", after you download the two songs below you will notice the artist name is still "the refreshments" just rename it and move on.
Huge Thanks to Koala and Panda for answering my questions below (I'll write the original Spanish interview first and then a translation):

Cual es el primer disco que recuerdan haber escuchado?
Koala: hijole, mi papa ponia un monton a "Chicago, Yes y Queen", creo que fueron esos artistas los primeros que escuche de chico.
Panda: El padre de panda es Beatlemaniaco y ponia mucho el disco de "Help" cuando era cachorrito.
Algun disco que recomienden para lidiar con la depresion?
Koala & Panda: Sin lugar a dudas el "Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band"
Alguno que les averguenze haber comprado?
Koala: Panda se abstiene, pero la neta me da pena aceptar que en mi adolescencia llegue a comprar "Follow The Leader-Korn" (k chafa...)
Y el ultimo que compraron?
Panda: Clor - clor
Koala: Easy Star All Stars-Dub Side Of The Moon
La ultima, cuales son 5 discos sin los que no podrian vivir?
Koala & Panda:
1. Revolver- The Beatles
2. Druks- Aphex Twin
3. Ta Det Lugnt- Dungen
4. Ether Song- Turin Brakes
5. En el quinto no nos ponemos de acuerdo, pero esta entre: "La Mia Vita Violenta- Bolnde Readhead", "Minerva-Sakoto Fujii" y "Appetite For Disctruction- Funkstorung".

(Translated to english)
What's the first record you remember hearing?
Koala: Well my father played Chicago, Yes and Queen a lot. I'm not sure of the first record but those are the first artists I remember hearing.
Panda: My father was a beatlemaniac and he played "help!" when I was a cub.
Any record you'd recommend to struggle with depression?
Koala & Panda: The best one for this means has to be "Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band"
Any record you feel ashamed of buying?
Koala: Panda would rather keep this to himself, but I'm truly ashamed of confessing that I bought "Follow the leader" by Korn in my teens.
What's the last record you bought?
Panda: Clor - clor
Koala: Easy Star All Stars-Dub Side Of The Moon
Last one, five records you can't live without?
Koala & Panda:
1. Revolver- The Beatles
2. Druks- Aphex Twin
3. Ta Det Lugnt- Dungen
4. Ether Song- Turin Brakes
5. We can't decide for a fifth but consider it a tie between: "La Mia Vita Violenta- Bolnde Readhead", "Minerva-Sakoto Fujii" y "Appetite For Disctruction- Funkstorung".

The Refreshmints Band - hytomi
The Refreshmints Band - out of control


Stuck on a pole in a cornfield

First things first, be sure to read Moka's interview with the refreshmints posted earlier today!

Okay, I'm Oum. Big bro Cris and I are pleased to be new contributors here. Holidays mean visit to Oklahoma which equals family activities. We had to go to the mall. It was a terror. Anyways we got some new music from the family, I got American Primitive Vol. II, The Flamingos Collectables set, and Crish got me Quintron The Unmasked Organ Light-Year of Infinity Man. Anyone get any super exciting box sets or anything?

Anyways My post today is about Elvis movie songs. Most families have Hitchcock movie marathons or whatever, we've done that, but really, the Elvis movie nights is where it's at. These songs I've picked are interesting enough just on their kitsch value, but the writing is so audaciously ignorant they become oddly charming representations of 60's Hollywood culture. "Harem Holiday" comes from a movie called Harum Scarum where Elvis roams through unspecific Middle Eastern countries rescuing women and children, beating up bad guys, making money, and singing songs. "Mexico" is from Fun in Acapulco which sort of the same thing but in Acaupluco and I don't know where "Kissin' Cousins" is from ....yet!

Elvis Presley- Harem Holiday
Elvis Presley- Mexico
Elvis Presley- Kissin' Cousins

Here is Crish's post:
I wanted to share something off the Nautical Almanac record Transcripted Divisons Oum gifted to me, but it is a record so instead i will share a track from their outstanding Cover the Earth album from this year. Futuristo primitive rhythms and circuit bending freakouts sure but Nautical Almanac are not another aimless noise act playing with broken toys. They're making a strategic retreat underground where they are still free to make ape sounds, indulge intuition, turn our technology against us, and invent. This music exudes dogma and conviction, but however engaged I am I can't wrap my mind around it.

Nautical Almanac- Megacorps

Nautical Almanac- stopstart

Image is from Thinkmule.

Lack of oxygen up on the mountains

I'll be gone to the mountains on Thursday morning. There's not that much to do in there, I'll probably spend the rest of the week drinking, thinking and losing money while playing "albures". I'll probably come back here tomorrow to write a short post, I offer you this little compilation of electronic songs for you to enjoy while I'm gone, hope you like them.
Apparat joined one of those great John Peel sessions and he got accompanied by a cellist, a violinist, a vocalist and a clarinet player, after the session he went home and messed the tracks on his studio to release them as the Silizum Ep. Organic and warm glitches.
If you're feeling sad or find the usual stuff from the Animal Collective too sappy for you, I'd recommend you to listen to the rollercoaster project remix to "spirit they're gone, spirit they've vanished". He has also made a great remix of one of my favorite Cat power songs, "peking saint", which is available as a free download right here.

Apparat - Silizium
Jan Jelinek - western mimkry
Venetian Snares - hiszekeny
Animal Collective - spirit they're gone, spirit they've vanished (rollercoaster project rmx)
The Mountains - blown glass typewriter
Fernpunkt - the prepared piano
Tellaro - 1985
Letting up despite great faults - maybe I'll hide with you

Image by artist Leslie Shows.

The Staff

I don't think I took the time to introduce you properly to our new residents (because I'm actually expecting other two people to confirm their inclusion) so here you go:
  • Kahlo: She's a friend from Spain with great taste and great blogs (dadanoias, ternura porno), she loves that 40/50's sound, she takes really good photographs of the people around her and if you're into visual arts I'd urge you to hit her blogs and check the links in her posts, amazing stuff in there. You'll just have to agree we needed more progesterone at the motel.
  • Crish and Oum: A brother/sister team from Kansas who host the radio show "I Got My Spirit Moving" on KJHK Lawrence 90.7. Crish loves the gospel and Oum loves weird vocals. Eclectic pair and the just amount of religiousness we need after those nights full of lube and debauchery. You can check their playlist as well as some other stuff (as an extensive "best of 2005" list) at spirited radio.


Take an optimistic flight darling

Hi! I am Kahlo, a new Motel de Moka's contributor. I would like to start my first post focusing on some old favourites songs of mine. I hope you enjoy them while optimistic feelings start to call your minds ;) I wish you a big smile . Sweet "pink" kisses little "mokas" ;)

Buddy Holly - Everyday
Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue got married
Shirelles -I met him on a Sunday
Emmylou Harris - Mister Sandman
Aretha Franklin - Think

The image comes from "The Girdle Zone" ;)


My holidays are finally over, (well, not quite... I'll be leaving you later this week and I'll be returning at beginnings of January, I'll leave you with the new residents so don't worry, you're in good hands) my blood relatives were relatively languid and lifeless this year, was it a bad year? Lack of color is contagious.
Feel free to join me in epileptic steps whilst listening to this random dancey tunes.

Paul Kalkbrenner - Gebrunn Gebrunn
Liars - don't techno for an answer
Velella Velella - hunter
Jackson and his computer band - arpeggio

Image credit: Nude in a red armchair by Picasso.


In the middle

Well hence the fact we'll have new people writing here at the motel next week I've decided to quit using the tags (laundry room, elevator beat and bedroom rockers) and I'll probably redesign the blog next month... so expect some nice changes. As you may have noticed I have finally purchased an ezarchive account so from now on I wont be using savefile or usendit, direct links only from now on, ain't you readers happy? I'll see you on monday, Happy Xmas to all of you (except for that reader that kept harrasing me at my mail).
The avalanche is an outtake Sufjan recorded during the Illinois sessions and Borderline is a b-side, seven swans era as good as everything he's done, I'm seriously considering Sufjan made a pact with Satan.
If you haven't decided which records to buy yourself for xmas head over at feedmegoodtunes or at almostcool to read their year end lists. Hipsters might want to check the extremely boring and predictable pitchfork's top 50 records of the year (for a moment there I thought I had the ability to predict the future) or the similar yet better top 50 records from Stylus.

Sufjan Stevens - the avalanche
Sufjan Stevens - borderline
The Dead Brothers - esclavo triste
Arizona amp and alternator - blue blue marble girl
The Mooks - hollywood nocturne

The image comes from the great Circus museum galleries and I took the link from kahlo at dadanoias.


Owen Pallett

Although we didn't got any Arcade Fire music this year, Owen Pallett (the one creating the string arrangements for them and many other artists from around the indie scene) did release an unsuccesful but somehow noteworthy album called "has a new home" under his last moniker "Final Fantasy". The new york times headlines him as "The world's most popular gay postmodern harpsichord nerd", a somehow irrelevant description...I mean, come on, how many gay postmodern harpsichord players have you heard of?
In case you were wondering, Les Mouches is a catastrophically beautiful project from Pallett which showcases his long admiration for "Xiu Xiu" and his love for classical music.
Keep an eye on him, I have the feeling he'll drop something truly awestrucking in a few years (or months).

Final Fantasy - this is the dream of win and regine
Les Mouches - carload of whatever
The Hidden Cameras - that's when the ceremony starts
The Arcade Fire - wake up

Have you noticed something different on the links ;)


Some bands to check

I might be a little late on the game of pointing towards "gang gang dance", but after a certain reader reccomended 'em to me I must admit I've been falling in love with them since then. Freak Folk comparable to the likes of Animal Collective, the Kallikak Family or even Boards of Canada. Animal Collective and general freak folk detractors might want to steer away from this one or maybe accept my invitation to hear Samara Lubelski instead.
Wooden wand and the vanishing voice have released quite many Ep's on 2005 and almost everything by them comes highly reccomended for people who enjoys the aformentioned artists. I'd urge you to go to everything is fire to search more of their songs if you enjoy the one I'm linking to here, lisa's been a fan for wooden wand for a long time now and she might direct you to some really interesting tunes by them there.

Gang gang dance - nomad for love (cannibal)
Gang gang dance - untitled #1
Samara Lubelski - sister silver
Samara Lubelski - fleeting skies
Wooden Wand and the vanishing voice - I am the one and he is the caretaker of my heart

Image from the Bestiaire Medieval exposition at the Bibliotheque Nationale de France.


Front Desk Announcement - 05

As I am currently busy and would like some fresh blood on the blog, I am looking for a few good men and/or women to contribute to the Motel. Most of you should know what the motel's about; eclectic music from all over the world, some new artists, some old artists, which means pretty much anything goes around here. And now that I think about it, the only requeriment is good quality on the music (or that's at least what I've been trying to give you readers here).
For those interested just drop a line here and depending on the number of responses I'll then decide how to proceed.
Thanks for listening.

Psicodiscographic questionnaire - Pop Levi

Pop Levi is one third of Super Numeri along with the great Snap Ant and Karl Webb from ninjatune signed Loka. He's also been an ice cream van driver, a hair model and Ladytron's bassist. What a cool guy. His new wave poppish sound will very probably take more than one narcotic smile from your face. He describes his sound as "Prince making out with Dylan in Syd Barrett's bedroom." and believe me, it's a really accurate description for his sound. If you'd like to hear some of his songs visit him at his space. Thanks for the great interview Pop.

Tell me about a record that brings you back good memories.
PL: "Jah Shaka Meets Mad Professor At Ariwa Sounds". I know this album almost backwards since a great friend of mine (Snap Ant) had a cassette copied from vinyl in a flat we shared for years. We listened to it religiously whilst cooking each evening. I learned to make curry to that record. I've since heard a CD copy of it, but it just doesn't sound the same as that old tape.
Have you ever lost a record you loved?
PL: I once lost a 3-disc Prince box set. It was a bootleg and I haven't been able to replace it for years. It was called "Crystal Ball" and featured an extensive compilation of unreleased early Prince and tracks by artists like Apollonia 6 that were written and produced by Prince. He has since released a 3-disc box set called "Crystal Ball" through his NPG label, but, sadly, it was not the same collection of songs. I really miss those CDs. Favourite track: Vibrator.
Do you have a favorite driving record?
PL: So many to choose from, but a favourite of mine is "Funhouse" by The Stooges. Anyone can drive to that.
A sexy one?
PL: I collect vinyl, so my copy of "Birds" on Shell Records. It's a 7" record that plays at 33rpm that comes from the "Shell" that sells petrol/gasoline. It is packed with low quality field recordings of birds in their natural habitats around the world and, in the little booklet that comes with it, you can learn details about each species of bird. That's a sexy record!
Last one, 5 records you cant live without...
The Byrds - "The Notorious Byrd Brothers"
Yoko Ono - "Plastic Ono Band"
Robert Johnson - "King Of The Delta Blues"
Sun Ra - "Cosmos"
Bruce Haak - "The Electric Lucifer"

Pop Levi - mournin' light (fragment)
Pop Levi - kisses at command (fragment)

Happy birthday to me!

Yeahy! I must ask you to send me toys in good state, without any cigarette burns or broken pieces. Thank you.

Andrew Bird - the happy birthday song
The beatles - happy birthday

The image came from "the best party ever" cover from "the boy least likely to".
*some errors with the links, already corrected, sorry about that.

Psicodiscographic questionnaire - Gordo Gringo

So it's time to add a little plus to the blog: The "psicodiscographic questionnaires". This questionnaries consist of 5 or more questions to indie artists about the records they love, hope you enjoy their answers as much as me.
Opening the questionnaires we have multiinstrumentist Phillip A. Jimenez (PJ, he's the one with the funny hair in case you were wondering) from Gordo Gringo, he sings, plays banjo, mandolin, and guitar and sometimes when he's got nothing to do he plays with loops and sequencers or answers interviews for music blogs. A real interesting box of suprises.

On their latest LP, Everybody loves to party, Gordo Gringo made the wise move of changing their sound to join the folk-rock influenced indie people like Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie or Bright eyes. Although the scene is saturated with these type of music, Gordo Gringo manages to excel by creating fresh and charming songs. Gordo Gringo (which means Fat American in Spanish) is a band you surely want to check if you're into any of the afformentioned artists. For more info, music and tour dates check their space. Thank u Phil!

Any records for cold weathers?
PJ: "Takk", the new one by Sigur Ros has a cold weather feel to it. Beth Orton and Feist have been keeping me warm this winter.
What album is your favorite to listen to when you're depressed, and why?
PJ: I'd say The Cure's "Disintegration" It's been working since 1989. It is such a focused record, and depression and angst runs through it all. At the same time by the last track, yer usually feeling better. Beauty in art is very cleansing.
Is there any record you feel terribly sorry for losing?
PJ: My College transcripts. Now I have to survive on music.
What about the first album you bought?
PJ: I bought 2 the same day, Falco (the one with Rock Me Amadeus) and Michael Jackson's Thriller. I still have my original copies on vinyl and they sound great!!
The last one (you bought)?
PJ:The new Broken Social Scene and Wilco's "Kicking Television".
Last question, those 5 records you couldn't live without?
PJ: The whole Bob Dylan bootleg series, Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", Talking Head box set, The Cure "Disintegration", U2's "The Joshua Tree".

Gordo Gringo - old suitcase


Old fashioned

Elevator Beat:
I am among that strange breed that admires their grandparents secretly. I wonder at their old pictures, I steal their old vynils and I watch their boring yet touching, golden era movies. It's become some sort of sacred act to touch those old fashioned items.
The only thing I feel very sorry about is that none of my 4 living ancestors were very concerned or obsessed as me about music.

Jimmy Cohrsen - Kenzo (wma)
Richard Swift - the novelist
Nat King Cole - quizas, quizas, quizas
Louie Armstrong - St James infirmary
Bobby Darin - mack the knife
Tom Waits - alice

Image by Michael Bartalos.


The third ear

Laundry Room:
Not afraid of stormy weather.

Jeff Alexander - come wander with me
Bjorkestra - army of me
Devotchka - Charlotte Mittnacht
Nina Nastasia - stormy weather
Over the rhine - all i need is everything

Image by Jan Saudek.


Motel de Moka's Top 21 songs of 2005

I don't like to do rankings but most of you people seem to like this sort of things, so if it makes you happy here you have it, the songs from 2005 (some from late 2004) I enjoyed the most. I'll be gone this weekend, tomorrow Muzzle of bees will be posting my interview with him if you'd like to take a look. And if you love or hate my selections please comment. I guess that's all... probably I'll see you on Sunday, have a nice weekend.

21. Doves - black & white town
from some cities

20. The Safety Scissors - where is germany and how do I get there?
from Tainted Lunch

19. Depeche Mode - precious
from playing the angel

18. Broken Social Scene - bandwitch (save as/rename as mp3)
from Broken Social Scene

17. Gorillaz - el manana
from demon days

16. Chin Chin - shallow dive
from Shallow dive

15. Cat Power - the greatest
from The Greatest

14. Okkervil River - for real
from Black Sheep Boy

13. Tunng - tale from black
from this is...

12. Husky Rescue - summertime cowboy
from Country Falls

11. Feist - mushaboom
from let it die

10. Isolee - schrapnell
from wearemonster

9. Iron & Wine - the trapeze swinger
from In good company OST

8. Sigur Ros - gong
from Takk

7. Patrick Wolf - the libertine
from wind in the wires

6. Thee More Shallows - ave grave
from More Deep Cuts

5. Animal Collective - grass
from Feels

4. Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezei - the librarian
from Out in the sticks

3. The Books - it never changes to stop
from Safe and Lost

2. Sufjan Stevens - casimir Pulaski day
from Illinoise

1. Andrew Bird - fake palindromes
from the mysterious production of eggs

The three images were created by artist Marc Chagall.


Broken chords

Laundry Room:
Estuve en casa de mi abuela el dia guadalupano y talvez no sea coincidencia pero ese dia tambien es el cumpleanios de mi tia Lupe.
Mientras como el pollo que me causara una noche alucinada por mala y no por buena direccion, recuerdo que tengo unas llamadas que hacer antes de las 6. En el momento en el que tomo el telefono y me lo llevo a la oreja, veo como huye y se esconde bajo el refrigerador, la enorme cucaracha a la que desde hace tiempo no veia y de afecto le llamo Kafka.
Yo no se cuanto le tome a las cucarachas esto del morir, pero, a esta yo solo la veo una vez cada varios meses moverse y ademas he notado que cuando esta de buen humor, canta.

Es - sadepaivat
Readymade - the fake but no finish
Barzin - past all concerns
Glider - riviere beauport
Kohn & de Portables - kohnfituurpje

Image credit: "Las meninas" by Joel-Peter Witkin.


More winter's love

Laundry Room:
More songs for cold weathers. I don't know... these songs just sound like winter to me.
The librarian is a collaboration between Burnt Friedman and Jaki Liebezeit with the genius of David Sylvian taking on vocals, the song has a crispy electronic production and it might be one of the best tracks I've heard this year (or maybe I'm just biased with my love for Sylvian).
Motion Picture might remind you of Red House Painters and Patrick Phelan might remind you of Spain (or at least those are the bands I'm reminded of while listening to them).
We/or/me's "aimless day" has some toy glockenspiels all around the track, I've always associated glockenspiels with winter so pardon me if this one sounds out of place in here.
I'll be back in a few days, this is the reason I've posted three entries this day. I wouldn't leave you readers hungry, no no.

Burnt Friedman/David Sylvian - the librarian
We/or/me - aimless day
Motion Picture - a paper gift
Patrick Phelan - lesser laws

Image by Lauren Gregg

Winter's love

Laundry Room:
Mmm... here's a little playlist for the cold winter days featuring ice queens like emilie simon, mum and Bjork, of course. I'm sorry but I wont be posting any christmas carols on the motel, if you're feeling all jolly, Gorilla versus bear posted a month ago a holiday mixtape with songs by Sufjan Stevens, Feist, Arcade Fire and Death Cab for Cutie... some really good selections (check out Feist) and a bit different from the usual xmas crap we get to hear every year.

Emilie Simon - to the dancers on the ice
Dragibus - Cam camini
Bjork - aurora
Mum - green grass of tunnel
Animal Collective - winter's love

The image was created by friend (am I allowed to call him friend?) punio.


Elevator Beat:
I was checking older posts and I've just realized I haven't posted any Bossa Nova on the elevator's playlist, I'm sure it's the wrong time of year to do this, but here it goes, classic bossa tracks from the elevator with love:

Joao Gilberto & Stan Getz - the girl from ipanema
Jobim & Frank Sinatra - agua de beber
Elis Regina & Nara Leao - desafinado
Nicola Conte & Rosalia de Souza - bossa

Imagen del incomparable y exquisito Jim Flora.


Light the match

Elevator Beat:
A languorous intoxication decanted from torch tradition.

Lorna - understanding heavy metal parts I and II
To Rococo rot - from dream to daylight
Coastal - eternal
M83 - I guess I'm floating

Painting credit: One of many versions of "the peacable kingdom" by Edward Hicks.

Kinky Collection

Bedroom Rockers:
Songs to play while making pancakes for him/her the morning after.

David Bowie - fame
Jamie Lidell - multiply
Jamie Cullum - get your way
Gabor Szabo - the beat goes on
King Crimson - ladies of the road

I'm about to purchase some hosting service! Be patient.



Sorry for not posting that much this week, circumstances have made it difficult to come around. Oh yes and my cable modem fucks up when it rains so the few times I've had time well, you know...
Came quickly to post about two new bands I found this week, hopefully I'll come back tomorrow, enjoy:

The attorneys:
The Attorneys create some downright kinky songs. I dare you to listen to "lonely guy" without being tempted to hit repeat.
Catchy unpretentious rock from NYC. Yummy.
More songs and info at their space.

The attorneys - lonely guy

Snap ant:
Snap ant is weird. Snap ant is addictive. You'll see, everything goes to blend in its sound: 80's ballad, experimental electronica, some bossa nova here and there. "This is Jut" is an album full of mixed influences, you'll probably hear echoes from everyone here: Pink Floyd, Air, The Beach Boys, The Specials, The Bee Gees, Lee Scratch Perry...well you get the idea...(Let's do some name drop) Their song "saviour piece" was included on the "softcore jukebox" compilation by Ladytron. If you'd like to sample more songs visit their space.

Snap Ant - berewind
Snap Ant - turning ugly


80's cover and some mash-ups

Elevator Beat:
I'm turning 20 in a few days. I was born in the day that music died, that was around 1985.
I recently found out that nothing compares 2 u is a song by Prince and not by Sinead O' Connor as common belief states. It was a bit of a shock for me.
Come feel nostalgic with me while listening to some 80's covers:

Monorail - everybody wants to rule the world (tears for fears)
Ivy - let's go to bed (The Cure)
The Beautiful South - don't fear the reaper (blue oyster cult)
Arto Lindsay - erotic city (prince)
Stereophonics - nothing compares 2 u (prince)

Well I'm not against mash-ups (except that one time when imbecility created "the grey album", the combination between the almost perfect "white album" by the beatles and the flawful "black album" by jay-z, and I must confess I'm thankful to the big labels for detecting this piece of shit and killing it before it saw the light). If you'd like to learn how to participate in a campaigne to support mash-ups go to downhill battle, a great site for musical activists.

Dean Gray - Novocaine Rhapsody (Queen/Green Day)
CCC - she's slipping away (The Beatles/ Kinobe)
Eve Massacre - tom's diner continues (Suzanne Vega/Dj Koze)
Dj Earworm - noone takes your freedom (Scissor Sisters/The Beatles/George Michael/Aretha Franklin)
Go Home Productions - breakin my bloody princess (Kasabian/The Music/My Bloody Valentine)

Image: "The triumph of Death" by Peter Bruegel.

Cosmic Sexual Trip II

Bedroom rockers:
A ceremony for the senses, an alibi in the red light district.

Thievery Corporation - until the morning comes (kid loco rmx)
Tricky - pumpkin
Sigur ros - Svefn-g-englar
Benjamin Biolay - little darlin
Bjork - come to me

Image by Joelle Deroy.


I had to modify this post...

Laundry Room:
Bueno, pues tuve que modificar un poquito esta entrada pues contenia una foto de las nalgas de Keyra y creo que el moderador de blogger se puso tirria con el post.

Apparently blogger was having some problems yesterday... Care to reccommend me some chinese sounding songs? My current obsessions are being paired with chinese music.

Listing Ship - Chinese song
Junip - official
Final Fantasy - the CN tower belongs to the dead
Bravecaptain - All watched over by machines of loving grace

Image by Miroslav Sasek.



Elevator Beat:
Against progress for perreniality.
Against abstraction for the concrete.
Against revolution for the tradition.
Against politics for metaphysics.
Against nature for esthetics.
Against egalitarism for hierarchization.
Against phantoms for spectres.
Against skepticism for faith.
Against architecture for music.

Rjd2 - smoke and mirrors
Arab Strap - haunt me
John Vanderslice - trance manual
Idaho - to be the one
Talkdemonic - mountaintops on caves

Image taken from the Apocalypse of 1313, by Marie-Therese Gousset and Marianne Besseyre.


Marla Project

Indie labels are a privilege we don't have on the third world. This leads to the death of beautiful clumsy ideas which rarely get the support and attention they deserve.
Marla Project is one of those beautiful ideas. Currently in search for a label and hailing from Puebla, the trio behind Marla Project have recently released by their own means an Ep that documents their birth as a band. Equally inspired by everyone from Mogwai to A perfect circle, they create electronic music which adjusts to every type of mood.
"Amniotic" for example, is esentially a post-rock song which recalls the bleak work from the afformentioned Mogwai while "Feel onhappy---days" takes the post-rock on a quite different approach merging electronics and even some sort of quiet grunge to the track to punctuate the overall melancolic hope surrounding the song. On the other hand, "Instrumental Software" is a dark almost industrial song which wouldn't sound out of place with some vocals by Reznor or Maynard Keenan on top of it.
To sample some of their songs, visit their space.

Las disqueras independientes son uno de tantos privilegios con los que no contamos en el tercer mundo. Esto lleva a la muerte de bellas y vagas ideas que rara vez obtienen el apoyo y atencion que se merecen.
Marla Project es una de estas bellas ideas. Buscando una disquera y con sede en Puebla, el trio detras del proyecto a sacado a luz por medios propios un Ep que documenta su nacimiento. Inspirados igualitariamente por una gama de bandas desde Mogwai hasta A perfect circle, crean musica electronica con un vasta tonalidad de sonidos que sirven para ajustarse a distintos estados de animo.
"Amniotic" por ejemplo, es una cancion ubicada en el genero post-rock que recuerda al estilo anemico de Mogwai, mientras que "feel onhappy---days" toma el genero de una manera distinta al agregarle sonidos electronicos y una guitarra grungera que sirven para puntuar la esperanza melancolica de la cancion. De otra forma, "Instrumental Software" es una cancion oscura y casi industrial que no sonaria fuera de lugar con vocales de Reznor o Maynard Keenan sobre ella.
Para samplear sus canciones o enterarte de donde van a tocar proximamente visita su space.

Marla Project - Amniotic
Marla Project - Instrumental Software

I will surround you pt.2

Laundry Room:
Some post-rock picks, some winter hymns.

Do make say think - frederica
Maybe She Will - he films the clouds
Below the sea - tropic of cancer
Tape - sponge chorus
Continental - stella

La imagen del post de hoy se atribuye a Phil Mulloy.


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