Nighty Night for a Newcomer

First of all, let me thank my dear friend Moka for letting me get started in this prominent blog!

So this is to be my initial post, and with this I begin my new life as a blogger. Some of the staff may know me as DeadFishy, I made 2 guess posts a while ago :D, so "Hi!".

Now... let us 'cut to the chase'... songs for Nighttime, songs that help me sleep when my insomnia ruthlessly attacks me.

Vashti Bunyan - here before

Alpha - Firefly
Mr.Projectile & 1010 - A1 Wild Orchids
Kathryn Williams - In a Broken Dream
New Roman Empire - Injured Ninja
Beck - Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime

Image is a LotusOverWater selfportrait... I guess you can call it a selfportrait... oh hell, I took the picture ok?!

Themes for an early evening American girl trying her new sunglasses while having socialist thoughts

Fiery Furnaces - waiting to know you
Sailcat - motorcycle mama
Wilco - kamera
Red House Painters - I feel the rain fall
Kimya Dawson - hadlock padlock
Irma Thomas - anyone who knows what love is

Image: Jean Lecointre.


Dub Flavored Goodness

Some dub and reggae flavored music for these melting days we've been having here lately at my city. I'll start with the classic reggae tune "I chase the devil" from Max Romeo which was later used as a sample on a certain Prodigy song and it comes from the album "The War in Babylon" which is an excellent album from start to finish and you should hunt it down immediatly if you like this sort of music.

Next comes a track from Moderat, which is a collaboration between Modeselektor & Apparat (therefore, moderat, get it?), the song comes from a compilation german magazine De:Bug released and will very probably have an official release by the end of the year (at leats I hope it does, the collaboration sounds very promising based on this track).

Since the past song counts with the collaboration of Paul St. Hilaire, I thought it'd be nice to have something from the legendary "Rhytm & sound" catalog. I'd suggest you to hunt "See Mi Yah remixes" (released in March 2005) which is basically the original instrumental "Rhythm & Sound" track plus 10 vocal versions of the song remixed by well-known electronic artists. I chose the Willi Williams as it's the one I fancy the most but the other vocal renditions and remixes are worth your money (well, as long as you don't mind listening to the same song reversioned eleven times), check the playlist and album info here.

"Ganja smuggling" from Eek-a-mouse's "Wa-do-dem" is a real fun track sung in eek-a-mouse's own vocal style called "sing-jay" and then comes Manu Chao. I admit I'm constantly burnt-out at his music but in all the simplicity and naive optimism he injects on his songs lies precisely its deceptively strong appeal. I've lost count of the amount of times I've been forced to listen to his album "Clandestino" in parties around here. The song I offer to you comes from his last year's album "Siberie M'etait contee" which was recorded as an accompaniment to a book of illustrations done by cartoonist Wozniak and which was only printed in limited amounts. The reggae and latin influences are gone for the most part in this album, as it is a sort of homage to Paris. "Siberie fleuve amor" is the most recognizable song from the release with a xylophone thrown in over the usual percussive driven elements Manu Chao is well known for.

The dub part ends with two leaked goodies from the Easy Star All-stars Radiodread tribute out on November: "No surprises" and "Let Down". The former counts with the participation of the Meditations and the later with the ever hyperactive Toots and his Maytals. I was honestly expecting much less from this tribute, ok computer taken to the ever dangerous kaya territory sounded a really bad idea to me. Turns out these two songs work in their own tedious kind of way. Judge for youself and hope you have a nice weekend. Oh and also sorry for any writing inconsistencies, I'm in a bit of a hurry and I don't have the time to double check the write-up, I'll try and edit the post tomorrow.


Max Romeo - I chase the devil
Moderat - let your love grow (feat. Paul St. Hilaire)
Willi Williams - see mi yah
Manu Chao - siberie fleuve amor
Easy Star All Stars - no surprises (feat. The Meditations)
Easy Star All Stars - let down (feat. Toots and the Maytals)

Image: Herve di Rosa



Nico, últimamente no puedo parar de escucharla o, más bien dicho, sentirla... ¡Me está trastocando! Aquí van mis tres favoritas:

Nico - These days

Nico - The fairest of the seasons

The Velvet Underground & Nico - I'll Be Your Mirror

Night at Beirut

Our mother had sold every piece of furniture we had to pay our trip to Cyprus while leaving all of her savings intact.
My brother and I, back at home were watching the moon that entered lavishly into our room. For the past 2 days our house had been emptied without criterion.

Our mother was asleep, or maybe half-asleep. We turned the lights off (for mosquitoes). There were still a few things left: One closet, our beds, the refrigerator and some lamps. Those nights, without our father and all the furniture, our life felt like a parenthesis. None of us could sleep.

My brother was drinking lemonade on one of the two balconies we had, and I was on the other one listening to the ice on his glass. We were both watching the same sky, as if we were guarding our mother's sleep, as if we'd been adults all of our lifes.
I don't know if I felt happy or unfortunate, but I absorbed that last summer as a summary of my childhood, like the score of an age closed loudly by a door.

Cuong Vu - it's mostly residual
(it's mostly residual, 2005)
Asche & Spencer - under the stars
(monster's ball OST, 2001)
Gogi. ge. org. - kampolina
(post-industrial boys, 2005)
Christian Vogel - neon underground
(station 55, 2005)
Noze - yucca
(Crafts, sounds & noises, 2005)
Moondog - lament 1
(Moondog, 1969)
The High Llamas - calloway
(beet maize and corn, 2003)

Image: Ghost ship by Carson Ellis.-


Imitation of a Kiss

A mix from weeks ago. I put this list together to capture a vague unsetling mood, sort of end of time - Rome is about to fall at the of its madness- mood. The era is sophisticated like no other time before yet it's devoid of energy that push us forward as a creature. Everything seems to devolve into madness, an orgy toward destruction of some sort, even the expression of love. ...anyway, much of the list is from 2 albums: Jazz Passangers and The Last Time I Committed Suicide soundtrack. Mainly freejazz and be-bop with extreme tempo change, layered rythm and that long progression. I like it, tho' probably this is a bit less popular than other list I posts before. An Imitation of a Kiss is an interesting Blondie cover, a small poignant song about having to sustain the charade of it all. PET probably is the point of this list. enjoy.

I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving
hysterical naked,
dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn looking for an angry
angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient heavenly connection to the
starry dynamo in the machinery of night,
poverty and tatters and hollow-eyed and high sat up smoking in the
supernatural darkness of cold-water flats floating across the tops of
cities contemplating jazz,
who bared their brains to Heaven under the El and saw Mohammedan angels
staggering on tenement roofs illuminated,
who passed through universities with radiant cool eyes hallucinating Arkan-
sas and Blake-light tragedy among the scholars of war,
were expelled from the academies for crazy & publishing obscene odes
on the windows of the skull,
who cowered in unshaven rooms in underwear, burning their money in
wastebaskets and listening to the Terror through the wall,

- Allen Ginsberg, Howl

"Meet Me Downtown for Green Tea"

01. Jazz Passengers - Syncretism
02. Hubert Laws - Yoruba
03. John Coltrane - Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
04. Jazz Passengers - Immitation of a Kiss
05. Thelonious Monk - Straight, No Chaser
06. Javon Jackson ft. Cassandra Wilson - Country Girl
07. PET - Ride My heart

note: one or two tracks has imperfect rip, but I am too lazy to re-upload 20MB files. see also: Motion Under Motion-Shimmering (part of a loose series)
image credit: Christdigital


This is a Friday Emergency Fun broadcast

This is a Friday Fun emergency Broadcast. Please do not panic and proceed with pre -mind evacuation.

Thank you and have a good day.

01. CocoRosie - Good Friday
02. Morcheeba - Summertime
03. Rachel Fuller - Into My Heart
04. Langhorn Slim - In the Midnight
05. Lemon Jelly - Jelly-88 aka Come Down On Me
06. LTJ Bukem - Atlantis (I Need You)

image credit: Andrew Mason



Un pequeño playlist con los que fueron alguna vez nuestros himnos de veranos pasados, ahora cayendoseme como escamas en la alberca.

Storms - Myxomatosis (radiohead)
Peter Bjorn & John - young folks
The Cure - mint car
Pulp - mile end
The Polecats - john, I'm only dancing
Blur - moroccan people's revolutionary bowls club
Nick Cave - disco 2000 (pulp)

Photograph by Trude.

note: Moka is still away. This is Squashed pushing the button for Moka. My next update will be tomorrow. Cheers.

improv w/bombs

mazen karbaj_stary night



To the sea let me follow

Once again I'm off to vacation, this time to a somewhat lonesome but beautiful beach called Manzanillo that's 5 hours from our city. We're all half-broke and we'll try to survive the week with 60 dollars each one. Considering that half of our money will end up wasted on beers, tequila or gin, we might have to get used to survive on a straight diet of maruchans and tuna cans. Wish us luck.

I'll try to sneak some surf guitar and tender electronica in our stereo every now and then because I've found reggaeton gives me the strongest headaches, and it also scares the elderly people from the pool.

Blue Hawaiians - martini 5-0
Gabor Szabo - summertime
Ape - the endless summer
Jimmy Luttrell - egyptian surf queen
Electronicat - wop do wop
Lost Acapulco - aqua vulva
Blue Hawaiians - quiet surf

Quick announcements:

Just before I leave I'd like you to check on feedmegoodtunes in a few days as I did a guest post in there about Lindstrom & Prins Thomas that might get published at the end of the week, as you may noticed I've been having an unhealthy obsession over them in the past weeks. I haven't mailed makrugaik yet but maybe we'll get to make an interview with Lindstrom in a few weeks, we'll keep you informed about this. Ah, and for those expecting a Mike Patton interview, I'm sorry... apparently he's not very supportive of the file sharing thingy and refused to participate. I'll keep harrasing him, don't worry.

I'd also like you to visit 1friend's mp3 blog, cult2vader, it's a pretty interesting and weird site, if I had the time and the code knowledge I'd love to have something like this, only weirder. Hear that Doug? I envy your site.

Also via one of gabba's users I found about this one man project called Old Erie which left me honestly impressed, the vocals sound like a more apathetic version of Xiu Xiu and the music could be that of a a rural version of fennesz... probably just the lo-fi recording, nevertheless it's very beautiful and delicate release called "King Crow" and it's completely free to download. I'm posting a song for your listening pleasure. If you like what you're hearing go and download the album as it's one of the best net releases I've heard so far this year. Remember, if you have the method of doing so, please leave a donation. Au revoir.

Old Erie - tape is from germany

Photograph: Taylor Mckimens.


God's gonna cut you down

natasha barnes_abstract 4

01 cepia_arount
02 johnny cash_god's gonna cut you down
03 lusine and david wingo_locks
04 kim hiorthoy_you know the score
05 our brother the native_apodiformes
06 gate_the hero tree
07 oval_store check
08 alva noto and ryuichi sakamoto_mur
09 slowdive_erik's song
10 i am robot and proud_neil lake

Pour un flirt avec toi

Escuchar música francesa de este estilo me hace sentir pequeña, con la ilusión que eso conlleva :)

Michel Delpech - Pour un flirt avec toi

Safety Scissors - L'amour d'cuisine

Gillian Hills - tut tut tut tut

Kelly Joyce - Vivre La Vie

Virginie Ledoyen - Mon Amour Mon Ami

Brigitte Bardot - Fille de paille

Image from Seonna Hong


Top 12 Contemporary music albums 2005-2006

The albums that I'm proposing for this ranking allows us to get close to some of the most relevant composers of contemporary music. Released between April 2005 and May 2006, the recordings on the list were positioned according to diverse opinions and reviews published on specialized media. The following guide intends to provide the listener a decent collection of some the most interesting albums in the genre but also generate an appreciation for the sonorous diversity of our epoch.

O1. Brian Ferneyhough - flurries/string trio/in nomine a 3/streichtrio/incipits
mp3: Streichtrio
mp3: In nomine a 3

English composer Brian Ferneyhough (b. 1943) is often branded as a member of the "New Complexity" school, and his music can be described as easily with phrases like "clouds of notes," "streams of gestures" and "masses of sound" as with more traditional terms such as "melodic line" and "harmony." One can listen to just a few seconds of any of his works on disc and hear the Ferneyhough signature: agile, quicksilver figures, sometimes whispering in the distance and sometimes shouting and scraping in the very immediate present. Without a doubt, this music can be harsh, edgy and challenging to listen to; it most definitely doesn't reveal itself on the first listening.

The album presents three substantial instrumental works from the 1990s by Brian Ferneyhough interspersed with a couple of miniatures, the In Nomine a 3 and the Streichtrio. All the music is typically dense and impacted, yet equally typically there's always a latent romantic impulse detectable under the highly wrought surfaces and the equally intense verbal explanations. [Jason Royal]

02. Osvaldo Golijov - Ayre
Deutsche Grammophon
mp3: Tancas serradas a muru

This music jumps out of the speakers in a way that classical records seldom do. Dawn Upshaw, the soprano, delivers an electrifying performance in which she assumes a half-dozen vocal guises.
If a modern classical work could ever crack the Top 40, this is it: Golijov has created a new beast, of bastard parentage and glorious plumage. [Alex Ross]

03. Morton Feldman - string quartet
mp3: (I'm sorry, the sole piece of this work clocks at 79 minutes (the original 1980 premiere even clocks at 100 min!) and I wont upload it because i'd practically be giving away the whole album. Although long lenghted, it's a beautiful, flowing piece of work, so if you get the chance, I'd strongly suggest you to pick either the first release from 1994 or this Naxos reissue.)

Pulse, when it is felt, is intermittent and prone to vary. At first the music seems emotionless, but as one comes to accept that the String Quartet may in fact be "life, but not as we know it," drama reveals itself in the music's dogged moments of insistence, awkward conversations, temporary alliances, and unusual timbres. Petulance, whining, nagging, stoicism, acceptance, beauty, and peace all are present in this work, for those who care to find them. [Raymond Tuttle]

04. Pascal Dusapin - Perelá: Uomo di fumo (The man of smoke)
mp3: The black womb - scene 2

Perelà, Uomo di fumo is the fourth and most ambitious of Pascal Dusapin's operatic works to date. Aldo Palazzeschi's enigmatic novel Man of Smoke (1911), faithfully adapted by Dusapin, recounts the appearance and 'Passion' of a Man of Smoke, who becomes an incredulous and involuntary observer of an archetypally corrupt and decadent society.
Even more than a demonstration of his mastery of every aspect of operatic art, he offers us here a complex, generous fable of spiritual and political intolerance - and assuredly the masterpiece of his career so far. [Frank Cadenhead]

05. Luciano Berio -Sinfonia/Ekphrasis
Deutsche Grammophon
mp3: Sinfonia - II O King

Luciano Berio's Sinfonia (1968) is one of the most celebrated works of the avant-garde, and it will be remembered much longer than many other large-scale experiments of its time. The collision of its materials -- philosophical, literary, political, musical -- reflected the welter of ideas clamoring for attention in the 1960s, and Berio's gigantic collage for the Swingle Singers and the New York Philharmonic seems a near-perfect embodiment of the period's Zeitgeist. However, much of Sinfonia's fame also has to do with its recording history; thanks to two landmark recordings by Leonard Bernstein and Pierre Boulez, it became established as a classic. This 2005 Deutsche Grammophon release with the London Voices and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Peter Eötvös, presents the work with intensity and vivid color, and many details hard to hear on the Columbia and Erato recordings are delightfully clear here. [Blair Sanderson]

06. The Balanescu Quartet - Maria T
Mp3: Wine's so good

This album re-connects Alexander Balanescu with his Romanian roots, as it pays tribute to one of his earliest musical influences, the iconic folk singer and actress Maria Tanase. For the release, he took the works of Tanase and then re-imagined them through his own eclectic musical perspectives, and the result is easily some of the most stunning work ever from the group. Maria T is a release that shows off the power of a group of musicians who refuse to be bound in by simple genre definitions. Much like the Kronos Quartet, the Balanescu Quartet have often shrugged-off many expectations one may have of a string quartet, and with this release will hopefully finally garner even more of the attention they deserve. [Aaron Coleman - almostcool.org]

07. Arild Andersen Group - Electra
Mp3: Electra song

Arild Andersen's Electra was composed for the Spring Theater in Athens for their production. These "18 Scenes," as they are subtitled, represent various cues and serial music for the production of Sophocles' deeply moving classic. It's not "jazz" but then, it isn't anything else either, because it holds so much more inside than mere classification. This is simply a wondrous piece, darkly haunting, yet utterly beautiful for what it leaves out as much what is here.
[Thom Jurek]

08. Elliott Carter - the music of Elliott Carter, Vol. 7
mp3: Dialogues (mp3 sample)

This highly anticipated recording, a Bridge co-production with the BBC, presents first recordings of four major Elliott Carter compositions, all composed within the past six years. Conducted by the distinguished British conductor, Oliver Knussen, these recordings tell the amazing tale of an American composer, well into his nineties, composing at the peak of his powers. Malcolm McDonald writes that “Carter is not far short of his own centenary, and continuing to produce highly complex, sophisticated scores with an energy that would hardly be conceivable even in a much younger man.” The composer traveled to London and Amsterdam to oversee the performance and recording of these four works.

09. Unsuk Chin - Akrostichon-Wortspiel/fantaise meanique/Xi
Deutsche Grammophon
mp3: Das Beliebigkeitsspiel

The music of Korean-born Berlin composer Unsuk Chin has had some local exposure, thanks to the Berkeley Symphony, which hosted last year's U.S. premiere of her remarkable Violin Concerto. The four large pieces on this disc, in vivid performances by the Ensemble Intercontemporain, give further evidence of Chin's fierce virtuosity and vivid imagination. The most far-out offering is the title work ("Acrostic Wortspiel"), an exciting, overheated jumble for soprano and orchestra consisting of syllables, solfege, alphabets and more (the sources are children's books). Just as beguiling are the "Fantaisie mécanique," with its industrial brass and percussion textures, and a phantasmagorical, rhythmically urgent Double Concerto for piano and percussion. Only "Xi," an extended study for electronics and ensemble, is on the dull side. [Joshua Kosman]

10. Steve Reich - You Are. Variations
mp3: Act 1: You are-wherever your thoughts are

You Are is prime Reich, using choral and orchestral elements similarly to older pieces like Tehillim and The Desert Music, but seeming as rhythmically driven as anything he's done in years. Harmonically, he sticks to majors and relative minors (that is, a minor key that utilizes the same notes as a major one, but starts from a different point in the scale)-- a common Reich device-- thereby blurring the line between different tonalities. He uses a choir to impart text translated from Hasidic mystical verse: "You are wherever your thoughts are", "Explanations come to an end somewhere," and the idea of saying "little and do much". Words are repeated and spread out over great lengths, so the end effect is not one of narrative but of words as purely musical ingredients. [Dominique Leone]

11. Arvo Pärt - lamentate
mp3: Minacciando

This is a major recording of a top-drawer composition by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. Those who only vaguely know of Pärt, or who know his name but none of his music (a not uncommon phenomenon), will think: ah yes, more holy minimalism. Emphatically not so with LamenTate, a large-scale, 40-minute edifice of musical splendour for piano solo and orchestra, inspired by Pärt's first encounter with Anish Kapoor's massive sculpture, Marsyas, at Tate Modern. [Michael Tumelty]

12. Brian Eno - Another Day on Earth
mp3: And then so clear

There are grand, sweeping choruses here that insinuate themselves deep into the memory, but also moments of whispering intimacy that seem to have been recorded in extreme close-up. This is a wistful, haunting record that runs warm with understated emotion - perhaps what one might expect of a man in his late fifties who surveys the beauty and the terrors of the world around him and wonders how it's all possible. [Matthew Collin]

List of some of the reviewers with links (when possible) considered to the ranking: Alex Ross, Jason Royal, Raymond Tuttle, Frank Cadenhead, Michael Tumelty, Dominique Leone, Blair Sanderson, Almostcool, Thom Jurek.


Pastoral waves

Last night I stayed up late while working on a graphic project that needs to get done by the end of the week. It's going pretty well so far... on the other side, I haven't been very careful with my relationships or my physical health lately. Am I becoming an alcoholic? For the past three nights I've been drawing, painting and drinking red wine. I also recall that last night around 3 am I started bitting my fingernails. My dreams run like machines. I got up, half naked, so I could get close to the glasses, the ashtrays, the broken music and the nefarious remains of a party I still don't remember.

I then saw the ascending of the waters.

Moondog - pastoral
(pastoral suite, 1953)
Music A.M. - NY 75
(Unwound from the woods, 2006)
Milosh - Instrumental
(Meme, 2006)
Caribou - medium sized working dog (steady steady)
(tour ep, 2005)
Hu Vibrational - friends & gardens (corker conboy mix)
(microsolutions #1, 2005)
Arthur Russel - instrumentals vol 1-1
(first thought best thoughts, 2006)
Maxence Cyrin - unfinished sympathy
(urban serenades, 2005)

I'd like to wave friend makrugaik from where I'm standing with the Maxence Cyrin piano renditon of massive attack's "unfinished sympathy" as I know it's one of his favorite songs from all time.

Gute Nacht.

Image: Alex Noriega via Undomondo.


Finite Modulation No. A-02

This is second part of 'Finite Modulation' list.

6:30 a.m list. A salute to WFMU morning broadcast style, this list is created to underline the reality of popular music listening. That a list exists within the context of daily activities and its rythm and texture are intimately intertwined. This list also nudge Infinite Mixtape post by Pitchfork to remeasure style breadth, the need of listening context awareness, and how songs relate within playlist. Part of a large series of playlist, next one will be a midday list

"Morning Modulation"

17. Nina Nastasia - Superstar
18. Matmos - Roses & Teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein (rp)
19. Dave Brubeck - Unsquare Dance (rp)
20. Petra Haden - God Only Knows (p4k)
21. Barbara Morgenstern - Alles Was Lebt Bewegt Sich
22. Daedelus - Crazy Dancing
23. Life Force Treo - Starship
24. Cansei de Ser Sexy - This month day 10 (rp)
25. The 1900s - Bring The Good Boys Home (rp)

note: A lot of repost. ezarchive is still down.
see also: F.M. No. A-01 , Infinite Mixtape
image credit: -Ant-


The warm-up

Hello everyone. There's been a quiet carnival surrounding me lately, and I'm still feeling dizzy so I don't know where to start. First thing I'm doing right now is leaving the mess in my room for some minutes and I'm sharing with you a random list of easy-like-me songs that appeared on my player while unpacking everything from my trip through the nordic countries.

Thom Yorke - Analyse (removed by request)
(the eraser, 2006)
The whitest boy alive - burning
(Dreams, 2006)
Hot chip - the warning
(the warning, 2006)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - run
(Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, 2006)
The gentlemen losers - laureline*
(the gentlemen losers, 2006)

About the trip, I'd love to tell you about it but I'll need a few days for a complete digestion and a quick glance through the photographs. At the moment I only have vivid memories of Russia... I was also lucky enough to visit Berlin for a day and Paris for 3 days. Maybe you could see me there on national tv building a gold statue for zizou and dancing to the fireworks half drunk on La Bastille after the french won against portugal. Speaking of Paris, I'm aware of the clicheé but I've proved and tasted (but most of all, smelled) how every corner of Paris demands for your sexual involvement, it's amazing. It probably doesn't get any sweeter than Paris (although the most colorful, romantic and bohemian places I've ever been to so far are all inside Mexico.)
Unfortunately right now I'm very busy and mind-crowded to let you know the details of the trip but I'll have plenty of time and music for you following through the week.

While vanishing, I do have a little dirty secret for you: I feel happy.

Image: Nicholas Deakin.
*ezarchive is bitching so this song has been uploaded to yousendit, I'll try to upload it to the archive later.


/·/ Summerlong -- open window anthems.



Sam Roberts, The Gate.
The Long Winters, Ultimatum.
Zoe, Via Lactea.
The Mattoid, Blue Suede Shoes.#
Dirty On Purpose, No Radio.
Headlights, Put Us Back Together Right.
The 1900's, Bring The Good Boys Home.
The Dears, Ballad Of Humankindness.


# Marathonpacks recommended.

// Pitchfork pretends not to read me.

Being this a mixtape blog, this may seem out of place, but it was quite funny and interesting to read the blogreadership response at Gorilla vs Bear and other blogs to the now infamous Sound Team review. As mp3 blog reader I've felt dragged into it and compelled to take part in it. So here for you Pitchfork lovers, haters and couldn’tcareless-ers, I give you:

Ideas for Pitchfork bashing/supporting t-shirts.

take a waterproof marker and a t-shirt and write down any of these slogans or come up with your own, there's a slogan for every side. (For better effect use a band t-shirt.)

Pitchfork judges albums by their covers.

Movie Monster:
When Pitchfork jumped the shark.

Proud 3.7

Pitchfork = 3.7

Pitchfork ate my baby.

Pitchfork hates blog people.

Pitchfork rated my career off.

I don’t like Pitchfork I just read it.

Front – The Rapture - Echoes, best album of 2003.
Back - Really?

Front - Pitchfork hates my favorite album.
Back – Good thing I haven’t bought it yet.

Front - Pitchfork rhymes with bitch-whore.
Back – Yes it does.

Front - Do you remember when Pitchfork didn’t suck?
Back - Me neither!

Front - I had homosex with Pitchfork
Back – And it wasn’t good.

Front - Pitchfork reviewers don’t eat well.
Back – I was there.

Pitchy-poo, why don’t you like me?

Pitchfork broke up my band.

I was there when Save Ferris got reviewed.

P-fork you've been YouTube'd!

Pitchfork rhymes with fascist.
Small print - (ok it doesn’t but you get the point)

I’d rather be deaf than blind, Pitchy-poo.

I do enjoy reading my opinions.

Pitchfork knows best.

Pitchfork told me to delete (insert band name here).

(Arrow pointing left)
I’m with closeted Pitchfork reader.

Pitchfork pretends not to read me.

Your mama is so stupid she checks Pitchfork for mp3s.

I know it's been over a week, but it's never too late to mock.
Hope you have better ones.

Don't be a-hating.


Serpentskirt - Una Furtiv


When midnight mists are creeping,
And all the land is sleeping,
Around me tread the mighty dead,
And slowly pass away.
Lo, warriors, saints, and sages,
From out the vanished ages,
With solemn pace and reverend face
Appear and pass away.
- Lewis Carroll

"Serpentskirt - Una Furtiv"

01. Cocteau Twins - Serpentskirt
02. Arab Strap - Love Detective
03. Landing - Fluency of Colors
04. Jimi Hendrix - The New Rising Sun
05. Bill Laswell - The Elixer Of Love: Una Furtiv
06. Minmin - Do Make Say Think
07. Daniel Lanois - Shine

note: Sunday night update. This list is a combination of two lists I've dabbled before and went nowhere, heavy shoegazer fuzz and dream pop, hence the rather odd fuzzy and lyrical texture flow. It's extra soft, tho' I wasn't thinking in term of mood list, so it could have "elevator music' effect. This will probably replace third installment of 'five easy list for lover' (see list a, list d) unless I fix the utterly broken list c. Also: if you've not enter the MdM contest do so before Moka gets back and the contest is closed.
image credit: click pics.


sin planes :)

Y con estas canciones llenas de suaves ritmos a una le da por sonréir
y dejarse llevar mientras pasa la tarde... A veces es mejor así, sin planes.

Dave Matthews Band - Everyday
Darondo - Didn't I
Dave Brubeck - Unsquare Dance

Image from Punk Erotic de Geoff Cordner

Endless Summer - Sleepless

"Endless Summer On the Beaver Island"

01. Marconi Union - Sleepless
02. Zooey - Endless Summer On the Beaver Island
03. Jeff Gauthier Goatette - Solflicka
04. Rollmottle - Civic Center
05. Jeff Gauthier Goatette - Don't Answer That
06. Jolie Holland - Springtime Can Kill You

note: It's a night ambient list mixed with avan garde jazz. I like it, tho' probably a little abstract. But hold on tight and be patient while I wrestle the ez archive. I am not winning at all.
image credits: ant, ozyman


Under Southern Afternoon Sky

A short slow bluesy list with southern and psychedelia texture.

"In the South, the breeze blows softer... neighbors are friendlier, nosier, and more talkative. (By contrast with the Yankee, the Southerner never uses one word when ten or twenty will do)... This is a different place. Our way of thinking is different, as are our ways of seeing, laughing, singing, eating, meeting and parting. Our walk is different, as the old song goes, our talk and our names. Nothing about us is quite the same as in the country to the north and west. What we carry in our memories is different too, and that may explain everything else."
- Charles Kuralt, Southerners: Portrait of a People.

"Under Southern Sky"

01. The Black Keys - The Lengths
02. Trespassers William - Lie In The Sound
03. Anita O`Day - Little Girl Blue
04. Mark Dresser & Denman Maroney - Harkemony
05. Clothesline Revival - Ramblin’ Man
06. Patsy Cline - Crazy

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Drum n' Bass anybody?

A quick late nite update after long weekend. This is a soulfull list with uptempo DnB rythm, definitely non danceable. But it is flowing mood music, cosmopolitan and non intrusive. Imagine a summer night at 87th floor balcony watching city light flickers at the distance, a small glass of rum and coke to fill the night summer breeze. Maybe with somebody you enjoy talking to. Whatever it is, let's hope ezarchive will be back up soon so I can post regularly prepared playlist. Or you'll have to endure the full force of my musical whimp. (plus I am deep linking files on big blog. That can't be healthy. You guys will back me if I got sued right?)

"July 4th. Deep Aqua Blue DnB."

01. Banco de Gaia - Glove Puppet (Dreadzone Remix)
02. Maximilian Hecker - My Love For You Is Insane
03. Morcheeba - The Sea (Stakka and Skynet Remix)
04. Tosca - Busenfreund (Chimerical Child dub)
05. Jazzanova - What A woman ... (Instrumental)
06. Nnnj - Close The Loop
07. Kaskade - Feeling The N. (pre master)

image credit: kahlo


Million Morning Hopes

7:00 a.m.

"Do you expect to get away with this?"

"Shocking, shocking..."

That was the little conversation I had inside my head this morning when I was trying to update MdM. Ezarchive doesn't let me upload songs at all, so I have to get creative with Monday list. Quickie: It's a playlist with little fat baseline and short bounch rythm. Something steady, lo-fi, but keeping up with the happening. It's a weekend sort of afair without all the firework, which I am not in the mood at all for some reason. But don't worry, it has its tempramental moment too. Call it random artistic expression, instead of incoherent blather. Look at the bright side: the list has something for everybody. Oh btw, it also needs a story of some sort... somebody post it if something pop up in your brain while listening. (spill coffee? breakfast accident? Nice morning commute? My mornign diary?)

PS. How is everybody in .mx. The election? I hope it goes well. I am rooting for the new guy from lefty party.

"Million Morning Hopes in Sunny Afternoon"

01. Sonic Youth - Incinerate
02. The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
03. Four Hundred Years - Thicker Than Water
04. Cansei de Ser Sexy - This month day 10
05. Solex - Solex vs bolland bolland
06. Tommy McCook & The Skatalites - Goldfinger
07. Pizzicato Five - La guerre est finie
08. Smokey and Miho - Blue Glasses

Image credit: "Taylor wants his breakfast" by Household 6


Some Dead Survives

"Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare."
-James Madison, at 01:02:11

When, however, neither the elements of the offense nor the range of permissible punishments is defined by statute or treaty, the precedent must be plain and unambiguous. To demand any less would be to risk concentrating in military hands a degree of adjudicative and punitive powers in excess of that contemplated either by statues or by the Constitution… The Federalist No. 47, p. 324 (J. Cooke ed. 1961)(J. Madison)("The accumulation of all powers legislative, executive and judiciary in the same hands…may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny…")
-SCOTUS opinion No. 05-184

"You are one of us"

01. Julia Vorontsova - Rome
02. Boris - Introduction
03. Halou - You Are One Of Us
04. Echo Base Soundsystem - Zentrum
05. Jullian Angel - Some Dead Survive
06. Butterfly Explosion - Sophia
07. The Foundry Field Recordings - Battle Brigades
08. Skatalites - Skaravan
09. DeVotchka - How it Ends

note: perhaps the subject matter of this list is not something comfortable, but I felt it is something important around this time of the year. The style of the playlist itself is repetitive, mainly mix of same minor key combination, small lyrics and extreme drone. The balance of the playlist is divided between folks and avantgarde, two areas I intend to focus on in the next few weeks. Overall, it is cautious, somber and perhaps hopefull.
Image credit: Pablo Picasso, Guernica (1937)
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