A cent is all we need...

So I guess everyone knows by now that MdM is homeless... we lack a place in which to upload our songs and call our own. Sad, but true oh faithful readers. I myself would like to apologize for my lack of posting, I´ve been backed up with work all month and haven´t really had any time to use the FTP that is graciously being lended to us.
I belive MdM will back on its feet in no time, but for us to do so, we need your help, yes, YOUR help dear readers. You are the ones that make this blog (and many others for that matter) what it is. I would like to ask for your help so we can get up and running once more, but to do so we need a bit of cash... well... not a 'bit' it's actually quite a quantious sum of money that we cannot spit out on our own account *sigh*... that's why we would like to ask for your help, any donation will be INMENSLY helpful, ANY amount of money, anything from a cent to a dollar, all will be put into the MdM restoration. If you are interested in cooperating with us please CLICK HERE.
Anyway... now that I have appealed to your heart into helping us, I'd like to share a bit of music with you all. Last week a VERY good friend of mine discovered this AMAZING band called Nine Rain.
Nine Rain is a multinational band formed by the American Steve Brown, the German Nicolas Klau, the Mexicans José Manuel Aguilera and Alejandro Herrera and Cuban musicians. What truly blew me away from these guys is the way the make the music flow changing the textures from beat to beat. They have a very wordly sound, but they're actually based in Mexico, so they actually sound from 'all around' but keeping deep Mexican roots in the rythms with melodic vitality.... ok ok... enough blabbering, here is a small sample of Nine Rain, enjoy:

Disc 1 - Mexico Woke Up
Nine Rain - Blowfish
Nine Rain - Invisible Man
Nine Rain - Tezcatlipoca

Disc 2 - Rain of Fire
Nine Rain - Guantanamo's Harpischord
Nine Rain - Lamento


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