Boards of Canada

BOC - peacock
BOC - hey saturday sun

Boards of Canada are a scottish duo responsible for pioneering a new IDM scene already settled by Autechre in the early 90's. Greatly known for their obscure references to the branch davidians cult and for hiding all sorts of backwarded cryptic messages inside their songs, for more info on this click here and here.
This songs are an advance from their forthcoming album titled "the campfire headphase". Wikipedia suggests this meaning for the album title:
The album title is possibly an allusion to the similarity between theta brain waves and the physical properties of fire. During moments of extreme lucidity and nostalgia (an area particularly focused upon by Boards of Canada), the human mind fires neurons at a rate of 4.5-8 Hz, also known as the theta range. Flames, on average, also flicker within a similar range, between 6-8 Hz. This has led to speculation, by some, that fire is intrinsically connected to human thought patterns, particularly those achieved during meditation, hypnosis, and deep trances. The Campfire Headphase may suggest the synchronization of these two frequencies.

Boards of Canada son un duo escoces responsables de liderear una nueva escena en el genero IDM, creado por Autechre a principios de los 90's. Son bastante conocidos por sus oscuras referencias al cult de los branch davidians y por los distintos tipos de mensajes cripticos en sus canciones,aqui y aca pueden averiguar mas al respecto.
Esta cancion es un avance de su siguiente album nombrado "the campfire headphase".


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