Depeche Mode

After a 4 year hiatus, depeche mode has finally released "playing the angel" some weeks ago. It's a bit of a comeback in terms of sound and it really brings some sort of redemption to the group.
The first single "Precious" is the most familiar sounding track on the disc, sultry and dark, the Depeche Mode we all love. Another personal standout from the album is the lovely song "I want it all". "A pain that I'm used to" made me believe I was listening to NIN at first, as it goes from an industrial noise to a more techno-style beat. Dave's voice is a great highlight on the record, he sounds fabulous on this one.

It may not break any new grounds but it is certainly the best of the depeche mode's albums since the departure of Alan Wilder. Plus it makes me very nostalgic hearing any depeche mode trax.

Depeche mode - precious
Depeche mode- all I want
Depeche mode - a pain that I'm used to


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