Summer List No.2b

Summer! So what happens? One day hip-hop was a cultural force that changes popular music and political awareness of a country, the next is fucking BET fillers between late nite commercials. Hip-hop was daring, it was the music for the underdog, now it's a get rich quick scheme for TV execs. It was beat for everybody who has nothing, not even music education, and those who takes it upon themselves to create music from whatever tools can be found. Turn table. Casette players. An MC with his mic and a DJ with his turntable make a music. They move crowds, tell stories, console the underclass, and speak truth to power. But now all we got is bling-bling talk and cultural pastiche, 'american idol'. The difference between a real hip-hop piece and a bad one is like Le Corbu building to a trailer park pre-fab, same concept but a gulf of final aesthetic manifestation, not to mention social effect. So here is a summer salute to hip-hop classics and a small sketch where it comes from, soul, jazz, beat. Things like Public Enemy, Run DMC, etc. MdM style, list that bites, smoothly. (Plus I am feeding my last.fm profile with the classics, so it can start scanning the database for me.)

I never did represent doing dumb shit
Some gangsta lying - I'd rather diss Presidents
Dead or alive, bring em and I'll swing em
I vocalize, I just rap, I don't sing em
Flick em, and I fling em, you can go with em
Hall of Fame for the game for the points I Dave Bing em
Go Grandmama, close but no cigar
I got mine, for I'm using my rhyme
The flow go wherever I want, and that's clever
Give a piece of my time, to prevent some crime
And who behind puttin the guns to the young ones
The ones that make em is the ones that take em
Rugged for no reason, down in duck season
I don't want my mama, on the street wearing armor
So check yaself before ya wreck yaself
Respect yaself, hah, you got ta give it up

Give it up Yo!

- Chuck D

07. Public Enemy - Give It Up
08. Nelly Furtado - Turn Out the Lights
09. The Staple Singers - Respect Yourself
10. United Future Organization - Poetry and All That Jazz
11. Lucious Jackson - Take A Ride
12. My Bloody Valentine Meets Skylab - Incidental Peace

note: No.2b is a late daytime list. Start with P.E and ends with skylab remix (from offbeat CD). This to mash with shoegazer theme of the week.
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