Domino Coolin Mix.13 (Fund Drive No.1)

"IDM-near house, climbing tempo"

01. Solo Andata - Sukieneice (web)
02. Björk - Odd Duck
03. Sheveks Masada - Infiltrated (web)
04. kettel - loveboat (edit by palle)
05. Faux Pas - Hermann's Hermans (web)
06. Thunderball - Domino coolin mix.13 (web)

Hello everybody,

MdM is doing fund drives so it can have new home, paying for annual contract.
The drive page is here. We are tryng to rais $260 for 2 years contract.

The break down:

Annual website & mp3 hosting costs: $240
Paypal fees: $20
Making Moka smile: $0
Making Kahlo say hi: $0
Stop squashed from making annoying posts: $0 (<---hey...! :P)
TOTAL: $260

Spread the word or click on the donate button, every little bit help. In the meantime, MdM will rolls on. I'll post fun stuff while we do Fund Drive.

lot's of love,


see also: Moka's announcement.
image credit: tamjpn


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