Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin - Proper Hoodidge
Amon Tobin - Mighty Micro People

Brazillian by birth, Amon Tobin is the most prollific artist working at ninja tune, cutting and pasting with master precission, he's been constantly praised as the only electronic artist who can really understand jazz as jazz and not as an ultra-light cafeteria chillout stanza, always frantic but precise. His disc supermodified still reigns as the best-seller from the ninja tune label nowadays almost 10 years after it's release.
The two tracks presented here come from it's LP, out from outwhere, the first one sounding like a sequel to the song "four ton mantis" from supermodified while the second one arrives more delicate with several layers of harps (are they harps?) overneath it.


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