Decrepit Dark

Laundry Room:
I'd be delighted to join the fans of Bauhaus in Guadalajara (date: 11/29) at the "near the atmosphere" tour. I imagine it's a helluva show ( "we love our audience!" ) and even if it sucks, I'd go just to see the old generation vamps 10 years after. It's a breathing muscle museum, not as great as the deadheads exhibition but still worth every cent.
I'm also uploading mp3's from Lacrimosa and The Cranes. They're only similar to Bauhaus in their chromatic textures but I'm uploading them anyways. I'm not into Lacrimosa, but the crucifixio song is one of their best, sounds like morosed dark gospel (whatever that means). The Cranes ain't dark (their exact musical genre would be "trance-pop/shoegazing") but it's hard not to think how much resemblance Alison Shaw's voice has with the sound of a falling guillotine (Believe me, it's really hard not to think about it).

Bauhaus - king volcano
Bauhaus - hollow hills
Lacrimosa - crucifixio
The Cranes - beautiful friend

Today's image was created by Mark ryden. Thanks to my beloved for directing me to this artist.


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