Lovely, but somber

Small intervening lists between the unfinished 'dream' series and upcoming 'elegant' series. This is a deep night list with moody texture, dark, full of fuzzy guitar and electronic blurry layers. It opens with Slint's 'Washer' from their classic 'Spiderland' album, upcoming must-have Matmos album and closed with series of psychedlic folks (Paavoharju, Band of Horses) Feist however is different, she is a Canadian songwriter in tradition of Joni Mitchell. Mark Dresser brings in an experimental jazz in between. If you care for something experimental and dark, I hope you enjoy this list. "Goodnight my love // Remember me as you fall to sleep ... Embracing thoughts of tonight's dreamless sleep // My head is empty // My toes are warm // I am safe from harm"

Slint - Washer
Matmos - Semen Song For James Bidgood
Mark Dresser - FLBP
Paavoharju - Tavataan (12-7-2004)
Feist - Gatekeeper
Band of Horses - For Wicked Gil

image credit: christian wind (aka isherwood)


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