Fuck art, let's fart.

A true punk vet would be easily ashamed to look at the punk records in my collection, and would probably only grin with mild satisfaction when discovering "Raw Power" by The Stooges - I'd then hold the album religiously, and tell this is one of the few records I'd be willing to fuck to in its entirety, a 34 minute feast orchestrated by Piggy Pop and his Stooges truly at their rawest that practically guarantees a fantastic, night-long seeing to. Carefree, sexy and never taking itself too seriously is the key here, it says: I like to be the boss, but I am not afraid to let others drive my gorgeous, sleek machine at angst fuelled speeds. Punk fuck right = pure catharsis and that's exactly what effective cultural heritances are made of.

Sweet - ballroom blitz
The Organ - brother
The Sex Pistols - submission
Raw power - we shall overcome
The Cramps - human fly
Cockney Rejects - east end
Peaches - Keine Melodien (Jeans team)
Riton - Killing an arab (the cure)

Linkup: If you're looking for some raw, noisy and primitive sounds head yourself to 7inchpunk or postpunkjunk, the later has some brilliant mixtapes in form of podcasts and the former shares some very hard to find 7" punk, grind and nardcore releases that are for the most part hit or miss but nevertheless you may always bump into some punk gems such as brygada kryzyz or the shit lickers that are worth the constant visit.
Now, fuck off.

Image: Cal Schenkel, Zappa's art bitch.


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