Woo hoo, $2!

I'll make a quick temporary note for fund drive. (no pix. blogger is down again. will make nicer FAQ soon.)

- MdM crews did shell out money on 2 ezarchive accounts. They are useless now.

- MdM bandwith consumption is pretty big. It definitely need something in the range of 1.5TB for regular serving, and more for future projects (unlimited). If anybody know reliable host offering cheaper price, drop an email.

- MdM plans/waits for inspiration to create more fun blog stuff. Movie, place for new indie bands, etc. But these definitely need host

- Blogger.com is getting really fubar.

- no, none of us can spring that much money on our own. And currently there are 4 active posters. (Would you ask sweet Kahlo to shell out money? of course not.)

- There are big advantage of keeping MdM free of ad. We will try to do without ads if possible. Hence fund drive.




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