Lexaunculpt - the tuning of miniature modems
Lexaunculpt - has been trying not to wonder
Lexaunculpt - Le elancholia

Not so long ago in this very chair I wondered which path would music take. The answer was obviously towards the electronic side, almost every genre out there is nowadays sprinkled and crumbled with digital effects, but then?

I'm still fond of the thought that electronic music will one day have it's own language so developed, that it will be possible to create classical compositions with complex rich sections, electronical debussys indeed, still noone seems to be that inspired these days, poverty grows and a new victorianesque-era seems far, very far, yes, electronical music hasn't established it's own language yet.

Lexaunculpt was one of the first groups that I heard that sort of advanced through this predictions. A project from Alex Graham, IDM guru that suddenly vanished from the scene ocassional returning as a rmx-er. "The tuning of miniature modems" opens the disc with the sounds of a symphony warming up (modems?) and then turns into the best track, "has been trying not too wonder" morphing into 4 different sections in about 8 minutes with several dashes of classical in it. Technically this disc is amazing, you can see Graham went through lot of details in the making of this record, every sound was carefully programmed, but while most part of the disc is Autechre-ish atmospheres (tri repetea era) and spluttering beats it's the songs with a classical touch that make it worth. Think of a less deconstructed Fennesz and a less ambient Gas. Filtered broked-down classical songs through the lenses of a computer, Lexaunculpt had an indirect spark and it seems like it could have been much more.

There was a problem with the upload links, seems it's already fixed. Oh yeah, and the song "has been trying not to wonder" is now complete ;). Follow the links, the song is at the bottom of the page.


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