Sorry for not posting that much this week, circumstances have made it difficult to come around. Oh yes and my cable modem fucks up when it rains so the few times I've had time well, you know...
Came quickly to post about two new bands I found this week, hopefully I'll come back tomorrow, enjoy:

The attorneys:
The Attorneys create some downright kinky songs. I dare you to listen to "lonely guy" without being tempted to hit repeat.
Catchy unpretentious rock from NYC. Yummy.
More songs and info at their space.

The attorneys - lonely guy

Snap ant:
Snap ant is weird. Snap ant is addictive. You'll see, everything goes to blend in its sound: 80's ballad, experimental electronica, some bossa nova here and there. "This is Jut" is an album full of mixed influences, you'll probably hear echoes from everyone here: Pink Floyd, Air, The Beach Boys, The Specials, The Bee Gees, Lee Scratch Perry...well you get the idea...(Let's do some name drop) Their song "saviour piece" was included on the "softcore jukebox" compilation by Ladytron. If you'd like to sample more songs visit their space.

Snap Ant - berewind
Snap Ant - turning ugly


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