No one can escape Dada

Laundry Room:
O retrocedo...
Con la noche entre las uñas.
Que el amor amarillo
y nuestros cuerpos de cerillos."
Este poema escaso y pinche lo escribi usando el metodo dadaista. Dense un tiempo de leer "Seven Dada Manifestos" del genial Tristan Tzara. Y si viven ociosos como yo, maten tiempo con el metodo dada. El libro fue recomendado por la dadanoia de Kahlo.

I originally stated that my top albums of the year list was limited to 5 records, due to the positive comments from other bloggers and readers inquiring for a bigger list, I'm expanding it into a top 10. The albums have been selected already but I'm too lazy to do that post right now, maybe I'll do that tomorrow or next week, for now I offer you some songs I'm enjoying at the moment:

Isolee - Schrapnell
Archer Prewitt - way of the sun
Eluvium - under the water it glowed
Colleen - the happy sea

The image is based on the medieval tapestrie "A mon seul desir", one of six tapestries known by name as "the lady and the unicorn". The artist remains unknown to date.


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