Quickie on new releases

Ester Drang's LP "Rocinate" was released today through Jade Tree. The cd was produced by Scott Solter (Spoon, mountain goats) and I feel the need to point at the record's production because Solter did a great job working with this excellent post-shoegazer band. Oh, by the way, they were backing musicians for hipster's favorite, Sufjan Stevens, during the Illinois sessions. More info from them at their space.

Ester Drang - valencia's dying dream

Electric President's self titled debut Lp set its release date today at the Morr Label. Organical electronic pop songs which are very enjoyable. They practically came from nowhere and now they're labelmates of wordly known people like Lali Puna and Mum. Pretty Amazing. Oh and the two men on this band are only 21 and 23, I'm very very jealous yet proud. I guess this are the sort of things that happen when you create solid and honest music.

Electric president - insomnia
Electric president - good morning hypocryte

Micah P Hinson will be releasing an EP entitled "the baby and the satellite" later on June 6. The Ep was recorded prior to last year's "and the gospel of progress" during Hinson's lost period. Even further this year he will be releasing some new material, I'll tell you later when I get some more information about this. Noir-country for fans of Will Oldham or Smog.

Micah P Hinson - the leading guy

Nest is a Los Angeles based five piece which delivers an elegant mix of trip hop's ethereal ambience and rock's sexual angst. Highlight from the band is Ayana Havis' voice, her vocals are really seductive,reminds me a bit of Tracy Bonham but I guess that's just me.
Romantic songs with the correct amount of lush instrumentation. Here's a song for your enjoyment:

Nest - ultraviolet

Hey hey my my is a two man folk band from France which create simple folkie-pop masterpieces "too much space" for example, keeps on building and descending for a real nice effect, I just listened to this song a few hours ago while walking around my house and I really think this is good music for housewalks. They get extra points because they took their name from one of my favorite Neil Young songs. More songs at their space.

Hey hey my my - too much space


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