Summer List No.7

Summer... It's summer. I want something with energy, screaming, loud and kicking. So Here is a near metal all girl fun punk List. Open with cute canadian pop punk group, Controller.controller. An absolutely kick ass new unknown band from OZ, Young and Resless. Bikini Kill and 50 foot Wave are classic. Check out LKN, she is brillian (If not a neurotic hyper creative genius.) Consider this the soundtrack for rapidly boiling planet. Soon we have to update standard Temperature and Pressure by a couple of degress. Cheers.

01. Controller.Controller - Magnetic Strip
02. Young And Restless - Dirty
03. Bikini Kill - I Like Fucking
04. 50 Foot Wave - Long Painting
05. Lauren K. Newman - Hope/Fiction

image: Rustic Relics Designs


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