The result of unknown cerebral tumors and black masses, provoked by deep urban inhaling.

This night the monkey died. His skeleton has gone gangrenous with a toxicity that swells the night with green foam and odd light. Join the fray and tangle.

M. Craft - you are the music (playground dub)
(unreleased, 2006)
Low - monkey (bob mould remix)
(tonight the monkeys die Ep, 2006)
Midnight Juggernauts - tombstone
(secrets of the universe, 2006)
We are wolves - vosotros, monstruos
(Non-Stop Je te Plie en Deux, 2005)

The motel de moka fund drive is almost half it's goal. We're all very thankful and I will be soon emailing personally each one of the donators for hugs and kisses. If you too wish to make a donation please visit our donate page. Thank you, once again.

Image: My current favorite, Moira Hahn. Marvellous mixture of japanese pop culture with 17th century ukiyo-e. Behold the truth that everything that is not tradition is plagarism.


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