The Swimming Santa Post

...whew quick update just to freshen up. The fund drive is still on. Click here. We are almost there. 81%. We might be able to finish it by early nextweek and possibly makes Moka worried about moving to new server before Christmast.

In the meantime things to chat about:
- What do you want in the new place?
- MdM will hold on to no ads policy. This mean we only need to answer our music selection to ourselves and you, dear readers. (okay this one might not apply very well with me :D)
- What do you thik mp3 blog should be about? what sort of program do you want people to do.

Now granted, all this may seem like falling into deaf ears, but we'll try.

Playlist: Cabaret funk bop mix. Almost all tracks are repost, but I am in a hurry. Bigger list coming up, in the meantime, something bright and fun to listen to.

" Show me Your heart "

Adventure Time - We Agree It's Grand
Christina Rosenvinge - A Liar To Love
Deerhoof - Desapareceré
Need New Body - Tittiepop
Need New Body - Show Me Your Heart

note: don't forget to vote today ya'll.
image: Raiden256


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