There's UFO's over New York and I ain't too surprised

We're successfully inside dreamhost plan now so that means that this may be one of the last posts inside this motel's address. Over the weekend I shall remain home for the most part hopefully aided by ex-contributor issa and local friend annie working on the new site. According to issa new site could very well be complete before Tuesday... I have finished mailing all of our kind donators today so if you check your mailbox and there's still nothing from me please check your spam or mail me at motelmoka(at)gmail.com.

here's 4four songs for the weekend, enjoy:

Der Schmeisser - kleines bongo maedchen
(Hueftgold ep, 2004)
The octopus project + Black Moth super rainbow - lollipopsichord
(the house of apples & eyeballs, 2006)
Klaxons - gravity's rainbow (van she remix)
(gravity's rainbow single, 2005)
Loveninjas - I wanna be like Johnny C
(I wanna be like johnny c, 2006)

Note: Links from last days hosted by enfiltro will all be erased by tomorrow. Get them while it lasts :]
Image: Matei Apostolescu


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