Front Desk Announcement - 01

Hello there.
From now the post's titles will be named under 3 major arbitrary categories:
  • Elevator Beat: music from our 2-floor elevator, mostly instrumental.
  • Bedroom Rockers: yes, title taken from a k&d song, bedroom rockers is erotica-charged music for bed which is in turn sectioned into other 7 categories: Rhytmic and exotic odyssey, Deep and Tender Sex, Upset and Frenetic Mating, Cosmic Sexual Trip, Sunday Morning Sex, Kinky Collection and Slowers/Quickers. Enjoy.
  • Laundry Room: Laundry people at motels are most of the times bleak or crabby, and I understand them; cleaning sheets in a motel isn't a very gratifying job, there's this usual amount of condoms and fluid scabs that have to be removed, once in a while you find lost wallets from weary travellers but trust me it is very uncommon. So, this section represents our fine laundry people: moody and undetermined.

Apart from these 3 major categories, posts will remain the same, when reviewing any specific artists the posts will be entitled after them. Any announcement will be posted in Front Desk. Somewhere in the future when the whole page is redesigned we'll put pretty filters on the sides for faster searches, but until then...