Kitschy Latin wonders

Laundry room:
Cheap beatboxes, ugly synths, lame lyrics, stupid references to b-movies and an overall ugly production at the service of electronic kitsch, tonight, at the laundry room.
Well, Miranda are currently huge with their single "don" in almost every place of latin america, sons of the trasvestite vampire rhytms of fangoria and alaska & dinarama, this is the ultimate triumph of kitsch in the last years, and this is as far as it goes also...so enjoy it while it lasts.
Sonido Lasser drakar and Maria Daniela y su sonido Lasser are actually the same band, one of the members is a member of electronic trio Titan (anyone remembers them?). The song "soy pobre" is a sort of funny third world reworking of "dear prudence", right in the middle it morphs into an electroclash-kinda thing that rips off the song "gorda" from banda zarape, and it finally lands as the song"flying" from the beatles again. And that "secret mexican band" you ask?...well, it's a secret...

Miranda - don
Sonido Lasser Drakar - pontiac firebird '82

Maria Daniela y su Sonido Lasser - miedo
Miki - soy pobre
Secret mexican band - unknown 2

You can find more mp3's at the nuevos ricos site. Now scram:
Note*: there was a problem with the link to the pontiac firebird song already fixed now.


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