Sounds like Monterrey

I get the best vibe from listening to bands from my hometown, Monterrey, in northern Mexico, and finding no trace of "the Mexican sound". Though I'm not sure what that sound is. I am sure that these bands don't sound like mariachi, or huapango or indigenist crap (as my friend Bx would put it)... probably because we're a three hour drive away from Laredo and McAllen TX.
The songs are still pretty kickass.

Here is my selection, after undergoing gigs, myspaces and slow downloads.

[With this sound, we're definitely proud to be a wildcard]

El desayuno, by Abeja [from Hendersonville EP]
Be in my dreams, by Ruidos en el Techo [from La Musica Moderna EP]
Don't stop believing, by D3ndron
Road to the sea (single version), by Nerv [from Senor con Sanitario EP]
The way the things come & just go, by Club Comfort [from Pyolin Rasguno EP]


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