El humo azul
el fuego negro
el viento espeso
la tierra costra
la costra acuosa

el destino hilado
el inicio callado
la luna de mediodia
el plastico quemado
el diablo blanco

Matmos - for the trees (return)
Savath & Savalas - folk song for a cello
Populous - clap like breeze
Lippok & Morgenstern - sommer
Jaga Jazzist - for all you happy people

Squashed has opened a new forum for us entitled free pony theory (not even him knows the meaning behind the name but I like how it sounds), we'll be having a little bit of conversation about the music and the industry and just about anything you'd like to discuss with us (like best album of 2006 maybe?) and we'd love it if you'd join us right now! (please).

*Ryan over at muzzle of bees is offering a copy of the new Drive-by truckers album for free, all you need to do is post a comment in here about the last album you purchased and Ryan will random pick a winner.

Imagen: Loteria de Teresa Villegas.


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