buh buh ba du

Y es que con esa vocecita Helen Kane me hace sentir boop ;)

Helen Kane - I want to be bad.mp3

Helen Kane - I wanna be loved by you.mp3

Betty Boop theme.mp3

Paul Whiteman - Charleston.mp3

Eubi Blacke - The Charleston.mp3

The image is from here


  • At 3:19 PM, June 13, 2006, Anonymous dejazet said…

    normalmente no comento pero Aoki es una diosa- lindas selecciones como siempre en esta pagina. gracias.

  • At 2:11 PM, June 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i know there a work in progress version of "i wanna be loved by you" from fredo viola and mickey eats plastic. you should check it.

  • At 8:59 PM, June 14, 2006, Blogger Kahlo said…

    I will try to check it, thanks :)


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