Drum n' Bass anybody?

A quick late nite update after long weekend. This is a soulfull list with uptempo DnB rythm, definitely non danceable. But it is flowing mood music, cosmopolitan and non intrusive. Imagine a summer night at 87th floor balcony watching city light flickers at the distance, a small glass of rum and coke to fill the night summer breeze. Maybe with somebody you enjoy talking to. Whatever it is, let's hope ezarchive will be back up soon so I can post regularly prepared playlist. Or you'll have to endure the full force of my musical whimp. (plus I am deep linking files on big blog. That can't be healthy. You guys will back me if I got sued right?)

"July 4th. Deep Aqua Blue DnB."

01. Banco de Gaia - Glove Puppet (Dreadzone Remix)
02. Maximilian Hecker - My Love For You Is Insane
03. Morcheeba - The Sea (Stakka and Skynet Remix)
04. Tosca - Busenfreund (Chimerical Child dub)
05. Jazzanova - What A woman ... (Instrumental)
06. Nnnj - Close The Loop
07. Kaskade - Feeling The N. (pre master)

image credit: kahlo


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