Night at Beirut

Our mother had sold every piece of furniture we had to pay our trip to Cyprus while leaving all of her savings intact.
My brother and I, back at home were watching the moon that entered lavishly into our room. For the past 2 days our house had been emptied without criterion.

Our mother was asleep, or maybe half-asleep. We turned the lights off (for mosquitoes). There were still a few things left: One closet, our beds, the refrigerator and some lamps. Those nights, without our father and all the furniture, our life felt like a parenthesis. None of us could sleep.

My brother was drinking lemonade on one of the two balconies we had, and I was on the other one listening to the ice on his glass. We were both watching the same sky, as if we were guarding our mother's sleep, as if we'd been adults all of our lifes.
I don't know if I felt happy or unfortunate, but I absorbed that last summer as a summary of my childhood, like the score of an age closed loudly by a door.

Cuong Vu - it's mostly residual
(it's mostly residual, 2005)
Asche & Spencer - under the stars
(monster's ball OST, 2001)
Gogi. ge. org. - kampolina
(post-industrial boys, 2005)
Christian Vogel - neon underground
(station 55, 2005)
Noze - yucca
(Crafts, sounds & noises, 2005)
Moondog - lament 1
(Moondog, 1969)
The High Llamas - calloway
(beet maize and corn, 2003)

Image: Ghost ship by Carson Ellis.-


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