The warm-up

Hello everyone. There's been a quiet carnival surrounding me lately, and I'm still feeling dizzy so I don't know where to start. First thing I'm doing right now is leaving the mess in my room for some minutes and I'm sharing with you a random list of easy-like-me songs that appeared on my player while unpacking everything from my trip through the nordic countries.

Thom Yorke - Analyse (removed by request)
(the eraser, 2006)
The whitest boy alive - burning
(Dreams, 2006)
Hot chip - the warning
(the warning, 2006)
Lindstrom & Prins Thomas - run
(Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, 2006)
The gentlemen losers - laureline*
(the gentlemen losers, 2006)

About the trip, I'd love to tell you about it but I'll need a few days for a complete digestion and a quick glance through the photographs. At the moment I only have vivid memories of Russia... I was also lucky enough to visit Berlin for a day and Paris for 3 days. Maybe you could see me there on national tv building a gold statue for zizou and dancing to the fireworks half drunk on La Bastille after the french won against portugal. Speaking of Paris, I'm aware of the clicheé but I've proved and tasted (but most of all, smelled) how every corner of Paris demands for your sexual involvement, it's amazing. It probably doesn't get any sweeter than Paris (although the most colorful, romantic and bohemian places I've ever been to so far are all inside Mexico.)
Unfortunately right now I'm very busy and mind-crowded to let you know the details of the trip but I'll have plenty of time and music for you following through the week.

While vanishing, I do have a little dirty secret for you: I feel happy.

Image: Nicholas Deakin.
*ezarchive is bitching so this song has been uploaded to yousendit, I'll try to upload it to the archive later.


  • At 7:19 PM, July 11, 2006, Blogger Squashed said…

    "I feel happy"? That description is a bit too brief isn't it? How about blisfully dazed? permanent serene glee?... how about mind bending psychedelic adventure...

    "happy"? ... :P

    I see. This call for further investigation.

  • At 8:19 PM, July 11, 2006, Blogger GiL said…

    ha estado tan solo sin ti.

  • At 9:35 PM, July 11, 2006, Anonymous FondueKnight said…

    wellcome mr moka

  • At 9:26 AM, July 12, 2006, Blogger Makrugaik said…

    You know, if you write to Mr. Lindstrom I\\\'m sure he\\\'d do an interview with you, he\\\'s super duper friendly. He sent me a picture he took out his window once so that I could see how much it was snowing that day. Ask him if you can post the unreleased DJ Harvey mix of the track he did with Christabelle. It\\\'s super slow, like that Sabres of Paradise mix of One Day by Bjork. I can ask him if you like.

    I see that you have been roaming the earth...

  • At 10:04 AM, July 12, 2006, Blogger Moka said…

    sq: yes! mind bending psychedelic adventure!... sorry my mind is still bended and I'm overheated arranging things on my hometown, but you're right "blissfully dazed" is more apt to describe the way I feel.

    gil: me ha gustado mucho regresar y encontrar tanta musica nueva por aqui, no lo senti tan solo, pero como saberlo si no estuve aqui? Tambien te he extrañado.

    fondueknight: thanks for the welcome, not a mr. though... :)

    mkrgk: that lindstrom & prins thomas album has been on repeated listens in my head, I'd love to interview him. I've only listened to his "music in my mind" song with christabelle, would love to hear more. I'll email you, maybe we could even do the interview together if you'd like to.
    I have been roaming the earth.

  • At 11:16 AM, July 12, 2006, Blogger Makrugaik said…

    Yes, Its a remix of Music In My Mind


    Sounds like a cool idea Moka.

  • At 6:14 PM, July 12, 2006, Blogger madpercolator said…

    Quizas una lista sobre russia?
    Me alegro que hayas regresado feliz!


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