Our sundays in bed III

It's 1:13 pm. I just woke up and I could use a warm bath and a cup of coffee (someone is taking care of this futile demands of mine while I'm writing this). In the meanwhile, I leave you with 6 artists I found this week that balance their sound between indie, pop and electronic + a song from Charlotte Gainsbourg's new record that was written by french duo, Air and a Looper remix by Pulp that's a bit old (1999) but I feel it fits well within the context of the post (check out the shoegaze influence on the intro and the unmistakeable Pulp touch on the last minute of the song). All of them come highly recommended. For more info on each one and additional mp3's please click on band link.

Kama Aina - hotaru
Andrea Liuzza - elephant serenade
Detektivbyrån - dansbanan
Artisan - I hold my breath (amether remix)
Charlotte Gainsbourg - the song that we sing
Fontan - beautiful bastards
Looper - up a tree (pulp remix)
Samuraj cities - saturday is never fair to everyone

Photo: John and Yoko. It seems they could use a warm bath too.


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