Intermission: We Bring You Indie Tracks

Recent indie artists that I like. They a mix between near dreamcore (Tomihira, Bel Auburn) to bunch of Oneida-esque sound (Supersystem, Chad VanGaalen) and A solid punk from Australia (Gallucci). Yes the mix is a bit quirky and all mixed up. But they are solid new indie artists. And this is meant to introduce new artists. Click on them, if you like it, go see their webpage. Plus, you can ask Moka for nice smooth list. She has a nice one in the making. haaa ...

"What the hell, I don't even think I wanna"

Supersystem - White Light White Light
Tomihira - Pillbox (web)
Snowden - Anti-Anti (web)
Chad VanGaalen - Clinically Dead
Gallucci - I Thought You Were Dead (web)
Bel Auburn - Lullaby in C (web)

image credit: Super*Junk


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