Everytime I listen to shoegaze millions of scared hippies always come to mind.
Amelie counted orgasms. I count the number of bad trips in woodstock, had bands like Loop and My bloody valentine been present at the time.

Although I wasn't listening to the sounds around me while growing up in the 90's, I later (when I was about 16) rediscovered amazing shoegazer albums like Slowdive's "slouvaki", Spiritualized's "ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space" and of course, My bloody valentine's "loveless" that cracked my head open. So whilst most of the people in my generation were listening to grunge and that alternative genre later baptized as "nu-rock", I was in my room shoegazing and listening to Radiohead and 60's and 70's rock bands. I still think very fondly of those times...
You'll see while "OK Computer" is the record that started me buying and paying more attention to music, records like "Souvlaki" and "Ladies And Gentlemen..." are the ones that contain the outlines of a depressively large proportion of the music I enjoy today, reason I treasure them as one of the most important records in my collection.

Note: The songs in the playlist are organized by their original release date.

My bloody valentine - strawberry wine (1989)
Ride - dreams burn down (1990)
Kitchens of Distinction - under the sky, inside the sea (1991)
My bloody Valentine - soon (1991)
Slowdive - machine gun (1993)
Swervedriver - duel (1994)
Medicine - all good things (1995)
Chapterhouse - mesmerize (1996)
Spiritualized - broken heart (1997)
Should - sarah missing (1998)
The meeting places - see through you (2003)
Destroyalldreamers - destroy all dreamers (2004)
Readymade - rehearsed disaster (2005)
Silver Screen - all I have (2005)
The fleeting joys - go and come back (2006)
Astrobrite - miss teen USA (2006)

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