Academic post-depressions

Elevator Beat:
Week of exams is finally over. There's this strange soothing feeling when it happens, but there's also this depressive feeling, it's just like somehow everything seems wrong, the calm before the storm.
Yep, those clients that came this week to the motel may have noticed the absence of painkillers in many room's baskets, the reason is I ate them all as breakfast and dinner throughout the week. Sorry, lack of sleep makes me wonder, lack of sleep makes me drift...
No more stress, well no, there's still some stress pending; some projects I still need to finish before tuesday, but today I'll just sleep away this day. In times like these I just crawl into the elevator, and lay there half asleep in the corner.
Sutemos published a really good 14-trax compilation at the beginning of August, entitled "Red, Green, Blue & Other Summer Feelings", beautiful, melancholic and plain perfect for elevator naps.

Marsen Jules - coeur saignant
Sleepy Town Manufacture - Long Time No See
Reed Rothchild - The Great Century


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