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The Changes are a rock band from Chicago that sound very reminiscent to The Police with a great plus: bouncy keyboards and electronic drums. You should definitely check them out, they're playing at Rothko in NYC - dec 15 & dec 17 at the mercury lounge, and they're headlining two nights in chicago dec. 30 & 31 @ schubas, go check their space for further dates. I'm way south from NY or Chicago, but if you're around, here's a lil' something to help you make your mind:

The Changes - when I sleep
The Changes - when I wake

Gustav & the seasick sailors, are a band from Sweden which sound to me alot like early Wilco or even the Gin Blossoms but with a very melancholica-gypsy feel to it. Lead singer Gustav and the aptly named seasick sailors, released Vagabond's Polka at 2004 under Marylin Records and will be releasing a new LP, Sirkus, in March 2006. Here's "Nightlife" and "Seasons of guessing" from the afformentioned, Vagabond's Polka:

Gustav & the seasick sailors - Nightlife
Gustav & the seasick sailors - seasons of guessing

Venice is sinking (great name), are a five-piece from Athens, GA. With the simple aid of violin they create triumphant shimmering songs. Go to their space to sample more of their songs, from their split Ep: "What we do is secret".

Venice is sinking - Pulaski Heights


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