Moth eaten towels

Laundry Room:
Didn't realized we had moths at this time of year...
Fake Palindromes is a great Andrew Bird track from his album "the mysterious production of eggs", with bursts of chimes, his very characteristic fiddle, guitars and frenzy drums beginning the song and Andrew Bird singing on top of this beautiful mess, his lyrics have improved greatly and have gotten even more bizarre. I envy and feel humbled at Patrick Wolf, he has my age (19) and he's released two great albums (lycantrophy, wind in the wires) in the course of two years. Those horse clomps on "the libertine" are real samples, this is the solely reason I choose this one as my favorite track from "wind in the wires".
Ave grave from Thee more shallows is also beautiful, soft electronics surround the track and that just kills me, so I'm uploading it. They have some other tracks free for download at their label's site, I'm choosing 2am, it has an eerie violin and some chimes that add urgency to the song, eerie violins conquer me. Both tracks have an amazing ghost chorus acting as atmosphere, beautiful.
I think everyone has heard Feist by now, she has collaborated with everyone from Kings of convenience and hipster fav, Broken Social Scene to electro-sex icon, Peaches. She finally dropped her debut "let it die" at begginings of 2005. Playful and sexy. Somehow, I think this track is good for winter.

Andrew Bird - fake palindromes
Patrick Wolf - the libertine
Thee More Shallows - 2 am
Thee More Shallows - ave grave
Feist - mushaboom

Image by Fabio Zimbres.


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