Psicodiscographic questionnaire - Pop Levi

Pop Levi is one third of Super Numeri along with the great Snap Ant and Karl Webb from ninjatune signed Loka. He's also been an ice cream van driver, a hair model and Ladytron's bassist. What a cool guy. His new wave poppish sound will very probably take more than one narcotic smile from your face. He describes his sound as "Prince making out with Dylan in Syd Barrett's bedroom." and believe me, it's a really accurate description for his sound. If you'd like to hear some of his songs visit him at his space. Thanks for the great interview Pop.

Tell me about a record that brings you back good memories.
PL: "Jah Shaka Meets Mad Professor At Ariwa Sounds". I know this album almost backwards since a great friend of mine (Snap Ant) had a cassette copied from vinyl in a flat we shared for years. We listened to it religiously whilst cooking each evening. I learned to make curry to that record. I've since heard a CD copy of it, but it just doesn't sound the same as that old tape.
Have you ever lost a record you loved?
PL: I once lost a 3-disc Prince box set. It was a bootleg and I haven't been able to replace it for years. It was called "Crystal Ball" and featured an extensive compilation of unreleased early Prince and tracks by artists like Apollonia 6 that were written and produced by Prince. He has since released a 3-disc box set called "Crystal Ball" through his NPG label, but, sadly, it was not the same collection of songs. I really miss those CDs. Favourite track: Vibrator.
Do you have a favorite driving record?
PL: So many to choose from, but a favourite of mine is "Funhouse" by The Stooges. Anyone can drive to that.
A sexy one?
PL: I collect vinyl, so my copy of "Birds" on Shell Records. It's a 7" record that plays at 33rpm that comes from the "Shell" that sells petrol/gasoline. It is packed with low quality field recordings of birds in their natural habitats around the world and, in the little booklet that comes with it, you can learn details about each species of bird. That's a sexy record!
Last one, 5 records you cant live without...
The Byrds - "The Notorious Byrd Brothers"
Yoko Ono - "Plastic Ono Band"
Robert Johnson - "King Of The Delta Blues"
Sun Ra - "Cosmos"
Bruce Haak - "The Electric Lucifer"

Pop Levi - mournin' light (fragment)
Pop Levi - kisses at command (fragment)


  • At 2:44 PM, December 20, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh he's hot!

  • At 1:28 PM, December 21, 2005, Anonymous Coleman said…

    Pop Levi did a great selection of records he can't live without, I'll be checking on him pronto.
    Good interview Moka

  • At 9:57 PM, May 06, 2006, Anonymous OPPLE said…

    He's a dirty liar, the shell record was meant for Tris. But you know being a sea bird he snapped it up! I should know I played sea bird to his Jackdoor, and I'm not talking fridge handles,
    keep clear clear he'll harm your kids, well just check out "kissed her sister" FUCKIN WRONG!
    AC... ... ... 777 ... LIBER LIKE!


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