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So it's time to add a little plus to the blog: The "psicodiscographic questionnaires". This questionnaries consist of 5 or more questions to indie artists about the records they love, hope you enjoy their answers as much as me.
Opening the questionnaires we have multiinstrumentist Phillip A. Jimenez (PJ, he's the one with the funny hair in case you were wondering) from Gordo Gringo, he sings, plays banjo, mandolin, and guitar and sometimes when he's got nothing to do he plays with loops and sequencers or answers interviews for music blogs. A real interesting box of suprises.

On their latest LP, Everybody loves to party, Gordo Gringo made the wise move of changing their sound to join the folk-rock influenced indie people like Wilco, Death Cab for Cutie or Bright eyes. Although the scene is saturated with these type of music, Gordo Gringo manages to excel by creating fresh and charming songs. Gordo Gringo (which means Fat American in Spanish) is a band you surely want to check if you're into any of the afformentioned artists. For more info, music and tour dates check their space. Thank u Phil!

Any records for cold weathers?
PJ: "Takk", the new one by Sigur Ros has a cold weather feel to it. Beth Orton and Feist have been keeping me warm this winter.
What album is your favorite to listen to when you're depressed, and why?
PJ: I'd say The Cure's "Disintegration" It's been working since 1989. It is such a focused record, and depression and angst runs through it all. At the same time by the last track, yer usually feeling better. Beauty in art is very cleansing.
Is there any record you feel terribly sorry for losing?
PJ: My College transcripts. Now I have to survive on music.
What about the first album you bought?
PJ: I bought 2 the same day, Falco (the one with Rock Me Amadeus) and Michael Jackson's Thriller. I still have my original copies on vinyl and they sound great!!
The last one (you bought)?
PJ:The new Broken Social Scene and Wilco's "Kicking Television".
Last question, those 5 records you couldn't live without?
PJ: The whole Bob Dylan bootleg series, Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot", Talking Head box set, The Cure "Disintegration", U2's "The Joshua Tree".

Gordo Gringo - old suitcase


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