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My uncle Jaime tells me that bonfire's are the african television. The last moments of 2005 I was trying to dance drunk on top of my bed while watching euphorical this african tv. Afterwards, I greeted the first morning of 2006 singing traditional mexican songs with some friends until 7 am. It was fun, the whole night was kind of bohemian, we had no electricity and we had to light two candles, the whole table was full of empty bottles and glasses with tequila and whiskey.
Friend Miguel took the night, he has a great voice and mexican songs fill him with passion, everyone near remained silent and awestruck while listening to him. I remember many around the table and myself almost cried when he sang "cuando queria ser grande" after dedicating it to his dead father. It's a shame I didn't carried any tape recorder or a guitar, I knew all the songs but my voice has always been awfully off key.
Anyways, let's go to the music, I think I'll upload some of the traditional mexican songs we sang later, in the meanwhile these are the songs I danced to in my bed while waiting for the new year:

The Fall - hit the north
Talking Heads - crosseyed and painless
Can - moonshake
Kt Tunstall - suddenly I see
Manila - seelenluft
George Baker Selection - little green bag

Note: Go to the italian blog indie for dummies. They made the huge effort of recollecting the top albums of the year from many mp3 blogs and they made a top 100 albums of the year list with tiny reviews based on the results.
The image is an uncredited photograph from mexican legend, Jorge Negrete.


  • At 3:32 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger Makrugaik said…

    Sometimes I wish bonfires were still the african T. V., instead of like E. R. Yay to the Fall! Happy New Year!

  • At 8:42 AM, January 03, 2006, Blogger Berbercho Productions said…

    Hoy kestaba decidio ha hacer un comentario y maces el post en ingles.
    Pos en el próximo sera!

  • At 12:04 PM, January 03, 2006, Anonymous jfk said…

    Good selection of songs, at least you had fun on your new year, I had pizza and beer.
    Damn... it sounds more depressing that it should...

  • At 12:24 PM, January 03, 2006, Anonymous Moka said…

    Berberecho perdonenme! no es malinchismo pero es que la mayor parte de los lectores hablan ingles.
    Happy new year to you as well makrugaik!
    jfk... well... good luck next year? It's not that depressing I did that on the flag day here in mexico, everyone else was partying somewhere.


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