The Staff

I don't think I took the time to introduce you properly to our new residents (because I'm actually expecting other two people to confirm their inclusion) so here you go:
  • Kahlo: She's a friend from Spain with great taste and great blogs (dadanoias, ternura porno), she loves that 40/50's sound, she takes really good photographs of the people around her and if you're into visual arts I'd urge you to hit her blogs and check the links in her posts, amazing stuff in there. You'll just have to agree we needed more progesterone at the motel.
  • Crish and Oum: A brother/sister team from Kansas who host the radio show "I Got My Spirit Moving" on KJHK Lawrence 90.7. Crish loves the gospel and Oum loves weird vocals. Eclectic pair and the just amount of religiousness we need after those nights full of lube and debauchery. You can check their playlist as well as some other stuff (as an extensive "best of 2005" list) at spirited radio.


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