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Well hence the fact we'll have new people writing here at the motel next week I've decided to quit using the tags (laundry room, elevator beat and bedroom rockers) and I'll probably redesign the blog next month... so expect some nice changes. As you may have noticed I have finally purchased an ezarchive account so from now on I wont be using savefile or usendit, direct links only from now on, ain't you readers happy? I'll see you on monday, Happy Xmas to all of you (except for that reader that kept harrasing me at my mail).
The avalanche is an outtake Sufjan recorded during the Illinois sessions and Borderline is a b-side, seven swans era as good as everything he's done, I'm seriously considering Sufjan made a pact with Satan.
If you haven't decided which records to buy yourself for xmas head over at feedmegoodtunes or at almostcool to read their year end lists. Hipsters might want to check the extremely boring and predictable pitchfork's top 50 records of the year (for a moment there I thought I had the ability to predict the future) or the similar yet better top 50 records from Stylus.

Sufjan Stevens - the avalanche
Sufjan Stevens - borderline
The Dead Brothers - esclavo triste
Arizona amp and alternator - blue blue marble girl
The Mooks - hollywood nocturne

The image comes from the great Circus museum galleries and I took the link from kahlo at dadanoias.


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