Owen Pallett

Although we didn't got any Arcade Fire music this year, Owen Pallett (the one creating the string arrangements for them and many other artists from around the indie scene) did release an unsuccesful but somehow noteworthy album called "has a new home" under his last moniker "Final Fantasy". The new york times headlines him as "The world's most popular gay postmodern harpsichord nerd", a somehow irrelevant description...I mean, come on, how many gay postmodern harpsichord players have you heard of?
In case you were wondering, Les Mouches is a catastrophically beautiful project from Pallett which showcases his long admiration for "Xiu Xiu" and his love for classical music.
Keep an eye on him, I have the feeling he'll drop something truly awestrucking in a few years (or months).

Final Fantasy - this is the dream of win and regine
Les Mouches - carload of whatever
The Hidden Cameras - that's when the ceremony starts
The Arcade Fire - wake up

Have you noticed something different on the links ;)


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