Songs in Fish

(Second guest post by my good friend, Deadfishy. She loves fishes)
Hello, my name is Fishy and I am a fishaholic... I have been approched by a number a people now, asking me, why fish? Well, honestly I have no idea myself but all I know is that I LIKE FISH, I like fishes in songs, I like big fish, baby fish, short fish, tall fish, French fish, plastic fish, fish in the water, fish on my plate... I LIKE FISH!
So, it was only obvious that I post, with permission from my dear friend Moka of course, songs that enhance my obsession.
Frank Sinatra, PJ Harvey, Mr. Scruff, Squarepusher, Emiliana Torrini bring to you, Songs in Fish. Personally, my favorite song in this small compilation is Fish by one of the masters of Ninja Tunes, Mr. Scruff.
I can only hope that you will enjoy these songs as much as I do...

Mr. Scruff - fish
Squarepusher - big loada tequila fish
Pj Harvey - down by the water
Frank Sinatra - swinging on a star
Emiliana Torrini - tuna fish

Photograph by Jeff Mitchell.


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