We need a resolution.

Hey Kiddies....
After my usual couple of weeks absence, I'm back with a little something for your Friday morning. I put together a lil' 20 minute mini mix for you guys, and I hope you like it. The themes for this mix are: repetition, slow drift, and tape noise. (They are best played in order).

(artist)-(album) (label)
F.S. Blumm - Ankern (morr music)
Nick Butcher - Minutes Overlap (Placetapes)
The Focus Group - You Do Not See Me (Ghost Box)
Nacht Plank - Vire (Lampse)
Alog - Travel Lighter (Melektronikk)
Pierre Bastien - Tut (Rephlex)

(full disclosure: the Nick Butcher song is from a release on my side label, Placetapes!)


In addition, I'm one step closer to finishing up mi casa so I can sell it and move. I got up early today and painted my brains out and finished all of the main walls. Check out pictures of my new crib in Colorado, HERE!

A bonus painting song: Calexico - Painted Over
Have a great weekend!


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