Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin - flim
Aphex Twin - girl/boy
Aphex Twin - Hexagon

Well, about Richard D. James everything has been said, schizophrenic artist indeed, throwing curveballs at his audience with every release, he has been involved in almost every ramification of the electronic genre. The three trax here, are often on the warmer side of the Aphex subconcious but still feel to me like the highlights from the albums I took them from.
For all those purists out there.

Amon Tobin

Amon Tobin - Proper Hoodidge
Amon Tobin - Mighty Micro People

Brazillian by birth, Amon Tobin is the most prollific artist working at ninja tune, cutting and pasting with master precission, he's been constantly praised as the only electronic artist who can really understand jazz as jazz and not as an ultra-light cafeteria chillout stanza, always frantic but precise. His disc supermodified still reigns as the best-seller from the ninja tune label nowadays almost 10 years after it's release.
The two tracks presented here come from it's LP, out from outwhere, the first one sounding like a sequel to the song "four ton mantis" from supermodified while the second one arrives more delicate with several layers of harps (are they harps?) overneath it.


Journal of a two-floor elevator dj

Today I'm a lil' stressed, here's some new features: I added a tagboard and some new sites at sour-c3s, tried for an hour to personalize the background and the title for Motel de Moka but failed...
From now on, this site will only host elevator music (mainly electronic and classical) and music for dorms ;).
oh yeah... no more spanish translations (sorry about that, not much time).

El dia de hoy me encuentro con mucho estres, inclui nuevas funciones: ya tengo un tagboard (esa cosa que parece un chat a la izquierda) y he agregado nuevos sites en el sour-c3s. Intente por una hora personalizar el fondo y el titulo del site pero falle...
De ahora en adelante este site solo "hosteara" musica de elevador (la mayoria sera electronica o clasica) y musica para el dormitorio ;).
Tambien les tengo una mala noticia a los que se interesaran por las traducciones al español, a partir de este post ya no habra tales...espero comprendan el tedio y la falta de tiempo para hacerlo.
Bueno, aqui abajo les dejo una cancion para el comienzo del otoño. Gracias.

Here's a lil' song to start autumn:

Claude Debussy - claire de lune


The Postal Service

The postal service - the district sleeps alone tonight

Better than Death cab for cutie but worse than Dntel, The Postal Service is the somewhat succesful electronic pop project between Mike Tamborello and Ben Giddard of these two groups. This is the only song from them that I really like, and it's one of those songs that seem happy but have sad lyrics underneath it. And well, the only time I smoked a complete pack of cigars was while listening to this song...

Mejores que Death Cab for Cutie pero peores que Dntel, The Postal service es el mazomenoz exitoso proyecto de pop electronico entre Mike Tamborello y Ben Giddard de estos dos grupos. Esta es la unica cancion de ellos que me gusta, y es una de esas canciones que parece feliz pero tiene una letra triste bajo ella. Y bueno, la unica vez que me he fumado un paquete entero de cigarros fue escuchando esta cancion...


The Notwist

The Notwist - Consequence

It may be a tad late to be posting about this guys. Anyway...their Neon Golden album is one of the best records I own. The song featured here is one of my favorites.

Tal vez sea un poco tarde para mencionar a este grupo. De cualquier forma... su disco llamado Neon Golden es uno de los mejores albumes que tengo. La cancion presentada es una de mis favoritas.


Entre Rios

Entre Rios - Litoral
Entre Rios - Hoy No

Entre Rios are a trio hailing from Buenos Aires that create some sort of electronic pop. The reason I'm posting this band is that I met the vocalist, Isol, at a book convention in Jalisco three or four years ago. She is better known down here as an illustrator for magazines such as Complot and for several children's books. The song "Hoy No" is the song in the Quelmes 2005 publicity.

Entre Rios son un trio de Buenos Aires que crean un tipo de pop electronico. La razon por la que estoy posteando a este grupo es que conoci a la vocalista, Isol, en una convencion de libros en Jalisco hace unos 3 o 4 años. Por aca es mas conocida como ilustradora para revistas como Complot y para varios libros para niños. La cancion "Hoy No" fue comprada para la propaganda de Quelmes 2005.


Infected Mushroom

Infected mushroom - Jeenge

Although they are better known for creating annoying psycho-dance music (or whatever), Infected mushroom also has its laid-back side of things which I discovered recently and liked. It may not be precisely groundbreaking, it even sounds like an organic "crystal method", enjoy.

Aunque son mas conocidos por sus incursiones en el psycho, Infected mushroom tambien tienen su lado tranquilo que les descubri recientemente y me gusto. No es vanguardista, a decir verdad suena como a un "crystal method" organico. Disfruten.


Boards of Canada

BOC - peacock
BOC - hey saturday sun

Boards of Canada are a scottish duo responsible for pioneering a new IDM scene already settled by Autechre in the early 90's. Greatly known for their obscure references to the branch davidians cult and for hiding all sorts of backwarded cryptic messages inside their songs, for more info on this click here and here.
This songs are an advance from their forthcoming album titled "the campfire headphase". Wikipedia suggests this meaning for the album title:
The album title is possibly an allusion to the similarity between theta brain waves and the physical properties of fire. During moments of extreme lucidity and nostalgia (an area particularly focused upon by Boards of Canada), the human mind fires neurons at a rate of 4.5-8 Hz, also known as the theta range. Flames, on average, also flicker within a similar range, between 6-8 Hz. This has led to speculation, by some, that fire is intrinsically connected to human thought patterns, particularly those achieved during meditation, hypnosis, and deep trances. The Campfire Headphase may suggest the synchronization of these two frequencies.

Boards of Canada son un duo escoces responsables de liderear una nueva escena en el genero IDM, creado por Autechre a principios de los 90's. Son bastante conocidos por sus oscuras referencias al cult de los branch davidians y por los distintos tipos de mensajes cripticos en sus canciones,aqui y aca pueden averiguar mas al respecto.
Esta cancion es un avance de su siguiente album nombrado "the campfire headphase".



Efterklang - Kloy Gyn
Efterklang is a 10 piece project from Denmark, this song comes from their Springer EP. I'm not sure why I'm posting this song as the opening one in Motel de Moka, electronical cute song where male and female harmony vocals add a delicate human touch over programmed and live percussion, horns, and glimmering electronic melodies.

You cannot use the "save file as" option thou, sorry about that, I'm poor so I'm using a free hosting site instead of owning a decent FTP, anyway, click on the link above it will take you there, not much of a problem but you will get some pop-ups, sorry.

Efterklang es un proyecto de 10 musicos provenientes de Dinamarca, esta cancion viene de su EP de nombre Springer. No estoy seguro de la razon por la que esta sea la primera cancion publicada.

No se pueden guardar de la forma "guardar destino como", esa es la opcion mas comunmente usada en los mp3 blogs ajenos, pero estoy quebrado y estoy usando un servicio host gratuito en lugar de tener mi propio sitio ftp, no hay mucho problema solo que si salen algunos pop-up's, perdon por eso.